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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Team Mobilbo AIOP Update

Members of my Team Mobilbo can now request to have admin access to the team Facebook fan page in order to promote ONLY their AIOP LCPs and affiliate links.

Please feel free to interact with fans and potential prospects and have them sign up via your LCPs or directly at your AIOP affiliate link.  In order to give access, we will need to be connected as friends on Facebook.  

In order to find me, please go to the following URL..

In order to keep the beneficial for only our team, I will cross check all requests against the team rotator list.  Therefore, please do give your AIOP ID when making your request.  The more interactions each of us have with our AIOP fans, the wider our reach will become and the more traffic we'll generate to our affiliate links or LCPs and indeed the team page, which gives all members (except me) a chance of free referrals.

Please note, if any of your referrals drop out of the program it will say 'NO' in the 'Active' column of your referrals list.  Please do tell me of any drop out as these will automatically default to the business.  I don't mind helping AIOP grow as a business, but I'd prefer any upgrades to go to our team members who are collectively helping to drive traffic to all our pages. 


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