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Thursday, 12 December 2013

AWESOME Instant Cash & Monthly Residual Income Combo

What do you get when you combine a high converting marketing system with a reliable even up residual compensation plan..?

A Life Without Limits!!

First some stats:
All In One Profits (AIOP) - Consistently withdrawing $500+ per month

Instant Leads and Income (ILAI)  - Generated over $1,000 in instant PayPal payments in only 15 days

Let me explain how it works...

Instant leads and Income costs just $10 (one-time).  You get a series of lead capture pages and sales pages plus a whole bunch of advertising sources, pre-written ads, banners and training etc.  For just $10, its a great system.

But, and their is a but... the basic system can get you the conversions and make you the money, but it doesn't include an autoresponder.

Now you might be wondering why this is a problem if you're making money?

Good question!

But as you know, not everyone you show the system to will upgrade or become a paid member.  And because this is a one-time hit, you need to keep marketing daily (which is good practice by the way) to maintain that cash flow.  This can be hard work unless you have a good advertising budget.

So, ideally... if you don't get the upgraded member, you at least want to capture their name and email address for future mailings.  With the basic ILAI system, you can't do that!

Now... there are upgrade options (I paid $80+ for the ILAI follow-up emails and have to pay $30/month for my Aweber autoresponder), but if you're short on cash, then you're stuck with the manual approach, which entails recording and sending follow up emails to each and every lead that's delivered to your inbox (boring). 

Trust me, it's better if you have an autoresponder to do that!

My solution...

As I mentioned above, I have set up my own system.   It actually resides on the All In One Profits (AIOP) platform.  The beauty of this is that I can make my campaigns shared, which simply means my referrals can get a copy of my lead capture pages and follow-up emails without having to do any lengthy setup - I simply send you a 4-digit code, you complete 5 fields on a form and you have your own marketing system up and ready to run in 5 minutes flat!

Now of course there are costs, but it's cheaper than the Instant Leads and Income upgrade (which in itself  doesn't include the cost of your autoresponder as I mentioned above).  And I'd be extremely surprised if you marketed daily with my setup and didn't make profit within the first week or so!

So, your participation in Instant Leads and Income would cost $10 one time.  And as I mentioned, what you get access to straight away is worth way more than that!  So it's a good deal, even for just the basic system.

But you want to get off and running with everything in place to make your life easier and to achieve greater conversions .  And this is where AIOP comes in. 

This... is where you can build an unlimited monthly residual income!

You can become an AIOP member for $11.50 per month.  This gives you a HUGE amount of marketing resources and tools.  I could go into detail, but I won't here, I appreciate that time is money and don't want to keep you longer than is necessary - but you get a heck of a lot for $11.50 per month.

So your combined start-up cost would be a total of $21.50 with an ongoing $11.50 monthly subscription to AIOP.  And this gives you the Instant Leads and Income basic marketing system, training and resources, but on top of that you get a pre-built lead capture page and autoresponder campaign that follows up and closes sales on your behalf and also helps to build you an increasing monthly income.

You see, AIOP has it's own compensation plan.  It's an EVEN UP system.  Basically you earn 100% commissions on anyone in your AIOP downline (regardless of who put them there - so your downline helps you earn too).  The odd numbered referrals stay in your line and the even numbered referrals are passed up to your sponsor - imagine your downline passing up paid members to you.

This is actually a phenomenal system to combine with Instant leads and Income. 


Because when your Instant leads and Income referrals upgrade and pay you $10, they're going to want to get the same lead capture system you are using (because they know it works, that's what got them to join).  And you know what that means... they're going to have to join YOU in AIOP (to get the lead capture system)...

"Cha ching!!!"  

That right there is how you build your monthly residual income of the back of a high-converting $10 one-time opportunity, that builds your list!

You get paid instantly to your PayPal account for ILAI and then month residuals from AIOP  - A pretty awesome deal don't you think?

I've been an AIOP member for a year now and am consistently withdrawing $500+ per month, so I have absolutely no doubt  about their reliability (payouts in under 24 hours, sometimes in seconds).  I started marketing ILAI on the 21st of November and have made $1,060, so there is no question the system converts, especially with my lead capture pages (there are 3 available).

It's a pretty powerful combination if you ask me and... very cheap too!

So... if I haven't actually bored you by now and you'd be interested in building a list fast and collecting not only instant $10 payments, but also building monthly residuals at the same time with AIOP (optional), then please complete the following (see the capture page you'll get)...

[1] Join me in Instant Leads and Income...

[2] Join me in AIOP...

Remember AIOP membership is optional, but I highly recommend it to capture your ILAI leads, who will then receive up to 37 follow up emails detailing the benefits of the system.

Once you've upgraded, send me an email with your username(s) so I can give you the campaign code and instructions to get your autoresponder setup.

I've been using both these systems independently with great success and know the combination of the two is capable of building you a full-time income from the comfort of your home with a little effort...

How can I be so confident..? Because, I'm doing it!

Duplicate my effort and start building a significant income today!

Partner With Me Today For Success!


Friday, 27 September 2013

It's Been a Long time... I Have Been Busy!

Wow, it's crazy just how much time making money online can take up, especially when you're supporting so many things. 

In May I actually launched my own little income opportunity which was received very well and has been making a lot of people a decent extra income.  Instant pay programs are all the rage and this is the path I chose, enabling 100% commissions to members.  I called it...

And I've actually just launched a new system that enables customers and affiliates to share in the traffic generates on it and the 5DollarWonder site above.  In fact this...  125ads and 5DollarWonder work together as two opportunities for the price of one.

Join one and you can earn from both!

I've actually been turning over a consistent $1,700 - $2,000 since May (actually making $2,500+ in less then 3 days with 5DollarWonder

Both programs operate on the PaySpree platform, which enable you to market any program in its marketplace with the same user ID.  If I choose to launch any more opportunities, any affiliates of my either of the above 2 programs will be able to market them FREE!

Besides my own programs, AIOP continues to pay a consistent $500+ per month.  This would have been maybe triple had I focussed sole on my own efforts, but I spent a lot of time supporting my team build. 

Speaking of team builds, I'm just starting a new one for Forced-Income.  Given the popularity of instant pay member to member programs, the reliability of the admin (David Taylor) and the nice $325,320 maximum earnings, I decided to develop a team rotator that gives everyone their first 2 paid signups and builds the organisation consistently and evenly.  Actually, at the time of writing, I'm considering my marketing approach and will hit it hard this weekend.

MyfunLife was voted #1 business and the team build there is moving at a stead pace also.  I include all my upgraded referrals in a weighted rotator.  This aims to get upgraded referrals their first 3 paid signups and then reduces the number of entries in the rotator in favour of new members or those with less than 3 in their organisation.

I could go one, there are way to many opportunities.  I actually binned Empower Network and Ez Money Formula as I just didn't have enough time to work them.  Maybe I'll revisit them later but with the performance 125ads and 5DollarWonder, it's unlikely to be anytime too soon.

Once things start to settle a bit, I'll try to get back to this blogging business on a more regular basis.  Facebook has kind of taken over where updates are concerned because it's useful source of FREE traffic, but I'll perhaps look to bring everything back under the Blogger roof in the near future.

Working hard as always!

Monday, 22 April 2013

How Does $6,000,000+ in Only 4 Years Sound?‏

Sounds crazy doesn't it?

I dare to believe.  

They say the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.  On 7th July at 07:07 am, you will get your taste.

The BIG question is... Will you also be collecting your share?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Let's make a side by side comparison of High Risk High Return (3% HYIP) against Low Cost High Potential Return (iLA) and see what makes the most sense!

[1] Actual results from iLA:

Joined in January 2013, first subscriptions paid from February 2013
56 total personally referred, currently 44 active referrals = 78% member retention
2 x monthly subscriptions at $9.95 = $19.90 (covering 60 days)
February commissions = $164.66 (see here:
Return: 827.4% ROI in 60 days (actually 1477%+ ROI in 30 days)

[2] Projected Results from 3% HYIP:

60 days earning 3% of a $10 ad pack = $18
60 days earning 3% of 2 x $10 ad packs = $36
$164.66 buys you 16 x $10 ad packs and returns $4.8 per day
If this program collapses, member retention = 0%
Return: 100% ROI  in 34 days

Where are they now?

Recent events (since last August 2012) would seem to suggest that even the most popular revenue share and HYIP programs are becoming a greater risk to your hard earned money.  Of course, as I have always said, these programs have their place, but at what cost..?

Profitable Sunrise, RicanAdFunds, MEGA Money Hybrid, FastCashMega and HourlyRevShare are the current hotly debated topics.  These have all been presented by admin teams with good track records of fast and regular payments.  These were once known as the 'sure shots', the guaranteed winners.  But recent events have left a very bad taste in our mouths and undermined our trust in such ventures.

And some of the lesser known high return programs have disappeared within a few months (one last year disappeared 4 days after launch with $1276 of my money).

Thinking Longer Term:

So lets draw the comparison between such programs and an MLM with an approved product and a low monthly subscription (yes, I'm talking about iLA).

$160 would buy you 16 months subscription with iLA.  Would you agree that 16 months is long enough for even the most newbie of newbies to find 3 referrals, who find 3 referrals who find 3 referrals and so on? 

I think so!

That would result in $2,511+ monthly residual income.  Let's think about that for a second.  Potentially building a $2.5K income that keeps coming month after month just by referring 3 people.  You would never have to refer another person to make that $2.5K income a reality. But... if you get a taste for referring, the bonuses are HUGE!

How long do you think the next high return program will last? 

Profitable Sunrise ran from November 2011 to March 2013 (16 months).  Putting $19.90 into the Private plan at 2.17% per day back in November 2011 would have returned you $164+ after 381 days, but you wouldn't have seen any return because the program disappeared in that 16th Month.

All the others are struggling or offline already and have been running for much less time (perhaps with the exception of FastCashMega).

In iLA it took just 60 days to earn $164+.  In fact, it took less because $147 of that $164+ was for February only. So I'm looking at $150 a month for just 3 monthly subscriptions at $9.95 ($29.85 total). That's 1500%+ ROI.  Not too many HYIP or revenue share programs will last anywhere near long enough to pay you that from a $30 investment.

Do You Get The Picture?

iLA or any other good product/service driven program gives you the potential to earn much more for less investment of your money.  Yes you do have to invest time and be consistent with your marketing efforts, but the reward is a much higher ROI than any HYIP. 

You effectively invest your money slower, over a longer period of time.  This in itself is a great way to minimise your potential losses (see example below).  As always, the quicker the return, the higher the risk of loss! 

Don't be totally blinded by the promise of rapid high returns!

Consider this...

If someone said they could almost 100% guarantee you a $450 return for a $30 investment after 90 days, wouldn't that be better than potentially no return from a $160+ investment (16 x $10 ad packs at 3% daily) over the same period?  

And if you ran both side by side and they both failed at the same time, wouldn't you prefer to lose only $30 and a bit of your time as opposed to $160 of your hard earned money?

The easy money route exits which ever path you take, but one just takes more effort whereas the other takes more money and carries a greater risk.  Everyone has the capacity to refer.  Internet marketing is a numbers game, whether you play HYIP or work MLM

Distributing your links as far and wide as you can, will eventually yield results.  Only the results with something like iLA are much greater for much less initial outlay.  And.. as ever, I do what I can you help my referrals to earn money.

In this case, I have created a splash page which rotates all my team members official iLA associate URLs.  It will distribute visitors and free referrals to members of my team. 

I'm essentially giving away free signups that will result in monthly residual commissions, monthly matching bonuses and weekly fast start bonuses for the people they sign up under.

If the chance of receiving FREE referrals in a program that can pay you up to $2,511+ monthly for a tiny $9.95 monthly subscription appeals to you, sign up under one of my team members at the following URL...

As soon as you're in and upgraded, check your iLA referral URL and then forward it to me with your sponsor's username so I can add you into the rotator.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

We Got Paid By iLA!

If you made the decision to join iLA and build your business during January, February and March you will now see the fruits of your labour in your iLA eWallet.

April 5th was pay day and lots of people earned lots of money!

The matrix commissions were for the month of February and the coded bonuses were from March.  Next pay day you will get commissions for both March and April - a double commission run!

More great news...

The AWESOME coded bonuses will be paid weekly.  I got that straight from  the COO of iLA Matt Walcott.  So not only will you get paid monthly residual commissions, but will get weekly coded bonuses commissions in your eWallet.

If you don't understand how coded bonuses works, revisit the iLA website and watch the compensation plan video again.  Basically once you get your 3 personal associates, you earn instant bonuses on every new personal associate you refer and every associate they refer... to INFINITY!

Did you get that..?  Code bonuses to infinity!

Can you imagine earning instant commissions from everyone your personal downline refer to iLA?  That's HUGE!

If you didn't join iLA back then, it doesn't matter.  You can still join now and start building a massive residual income.

And...  I'm also working on some things to help my downline!

I have developed a new splash page here...

(click 'Sign Up Now' to see it in action)

This is based on a proven high converting design that I've previously used to get lot of referrals in other programs.  Every active iLA associate in my downline can have their own copy of this splash page FREE!

But that's not all.  I'm going to be developing a rotator that will serve everyone's iLA associate URL behind the big 'Sign Up Now' button.  This means my entire downline will have the opportunity to get FREE iLA referrals, which will not only boost their monthly residual income, but also earn them instant coded bonuses as I drive traffic to the rotator.

The rotator will be placed on my own splash page above.  So I will essentially be recruiting for all my downline.  This will be something you can use to help convert your prospects into iLA associates - by simply offering them a FREE high converting splash page to help build their business.

For only $9.95 a month we have an enormous earning potential and it's very duplicable.  All anyone needs to do, is find 3 referrals.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

HYIP & Revenue Share Programs Are Killing The Industry!

Once again, it's been a while since I've had time to post here, but there has been such online turmoil with certain programs failing or coming under attack that even the best performing opportunities are falling like flies.

I have always maintained that the only way to consistently make money online is to go back to basics and apply genuine Internet marketing principles.  Even with the "money game" type programs, knowing how to market and being consistent can serve you well.

But are these programs destroying the industry?

I think they are.  Nobody seems to want to work for their money anymore.  And these programs suck money out of your pockets easily and with no real guarantee of long term success.  The way to play these programs is to get in right from the start, to invest a large enough sum to give your chance to build a reasonable income and to plan your exit strategy right from the beginning.

You should always look to recover your initial investment as soon as possible and put yourself in a zero risk position before you consider compounding or building your account.  These are great principles to apply, but give no guarantees that the admin has done is sums correctly or is trustworthy.

What happens when these programs fail?

People lose money or make no profit,  sponsors and admins have their reputations damaged and dreams are shattered.  Educating everyone on these programs is not possible.  The program owners don't tell you the basic rules to follow to ensure you will win, otherwise they will lose.

So what can you do to ensure  you succeed?

I'm not telling you to ignore these types of programs.  The majority of people are looking for an easy way to make money, so you have a large market available to you.  What you need to do is to tap into that market and apply basic Internet marketing principles so that your financial commitment and risk in each program is less.

Making money online takes consistency and a scientific approach. Advertising daily isn't just about adding a URL to a traffic exchange and hoping for the best.  You need to use many different mediums, many different ad head lines and bodies and track the results to identify which yields the best results - where your focus should be.  The better you become at this, the greater your number of referrals and the less you have to commit financially to win more often than not.

Internet marketing is like trading the stock market. Traders aim to win more trades than they lose, but they are prepared to lose.  The better they become at winning the lower their risk and the more successful and financially independent they become.

So where do you start?

Most of you will be familiar with the term "The money is in the list". 

Internet marketing is a numbers game.  The more people you can put your opportunity or product in front of the greater your chances of making sales or referral commissions.  But finding new people every time you join a new program takes a huge effort.  It's better to build a list of people who are interested in making money online. 

Lead Capture Pages are how you build lists.  These pages typically display an offer, a system or a product and have a short form at the end that your prospect fills in.  This is the number one method used by successful marketers. 

Some of the benefits are...

- Because prospects have to opt in, it avoids SPAM complaints
- You don't have to manually collect and utilise email addresses
- Email hundreds or thousands of prospects in one go with no limitations from email service providers
- You have a target audience, who are interested in the type of programs/products you are offering

As you list grows, your percentage of conversions from prospects to actual paying referrals increases as does your success level and your regular commissions. 

The successful marketers we all look up to are the ones with the biggest lists... period!

So... with a frequently changing market place, what do I recommend at this point in time? 
Well I think we agree that HYIP and Revenue Share programs have their place and should not be ignored.  But they typically do carry higher risks.  And we know that building a list is the real key to continued success online.  So I've chosen 2 of each type of program to move forward with - these are detailed below.

High Return Programs

I recently introduced a program called Nobox.  This is from a very transparent admin named Karlo Marek.  This program was launched around January 23rd and has a current membership of around 3K+ members.  There has been no advertising by the admin, yet more and more people are discovering Nobox.

The basics of the program are as follows...

NO-Box.. simple program.. earn up to 250%.
Basic daily earnings is 2%.. and that is averaged out each week up or down!

NO-Box has 3 Unique Memberships:

1/ Free Membership!
Max purchase 200 revenue packs for 180% total
Surf min.. 10 sites daily to earn.

2/ $4.99 per month Subscription!
No Limit revenue packs for 250% total
Surf min.. 5 sites daily to earn.

3/ $6.99 per month NoSurf Subscription!
No Limit revenue packs for 250% total

When Karlo Marek was designing Nobox he had the following ideas in mind...

- No Sponsoring!
- No MLM!
- No Network Marketing!
- No Sales!
- Self-sustaining!

HOW No-Box EARNS Income:

1/ Membership purchases
2/ Premium Ad purchases
3/ Text Ads purchases
4/ Ad Pack purchases
5/ Banner purchases
6/ Sponsored News
7/ Cash-Backs
8/ Ecurrency Exchange Fees
9/ Member to Member Money Transfer Fees
10/Referral commissions from Affiliate programs
Further more Karlo trades Bitcoin on exchanges and having made purchases early, when the value was low, he is seeing decent profit as Bitcoin has peaked recently at around $93 per coin.  So he has external revenues that will help with the longevity of the program.

TriDeci is the current other high return offering.  This program has achieved a membership of circa 12K in around 2 months of its opening.  It has paid out well over $100K in commissions and is enjoying consistent daily growth.

It has a 3-level compensation plan which at first glance might appear quite complex.  However I have created a quick start guide here...

There is a more detailed guide available at the bottom of the above web page.

The basics are that you earn 2% per day on the purchase of each DC Unit, which is essentially an advertising package.  In order to receive you commissions instantly you must surf 10 x 15-second ads each day.  30% of your daily earnings goes into a repurchase balance from which you can only purchase cycler positions.

It is possible to increase your daily earning by purchasing 30-day membership upgrades (this is one of the ways TriDeci makes its money).  You don't earn a higher overall return, but you do get your money back faster.  The cycling matrices pay out over 5 levels up to a maximum $156K.

Another point to note is that every member get their first $10 DC Unit FREE to test the system.  Upgrading to even the basic "Active" level will enable you to make a withdrawal of earnings from the FREE DC Unit (minimum withdrawal is $10).

A quick word on some of the more recent high yield programs 

Profitable Sunrise is believe to still being worked on, but given the fact there is no communication from its owner or the support team, no money and no website, the long awaited return looks more like a fading dream and the best advice here is to move on.

RicanAdfunds  (RAF) is going through a process of change.  It is scheduled to return on 15th April and will include identity checking to ensure it conforms with legal requirements.  All existing withdrawal requests were cancelled while this process continues.  Assuming the issues are as described (attacks, security and compliance) and there are no financial issues, this will still have to be considered as one of 2013s success stories on its return.

MEGAMoneyHybrid (MMH) is advised to have been suffering from attacks by hackers who have altered accounts.  FCM is suffering the same fate, but this admin's other offering "PIPMEGA" seems to be safe from such issues and I am making daily withdrawals here without any problem.  As yet, we don't know when MMH or FCM will return, those some have theories about close ties between this admin and the RAF admin.

ProfitClicking (PC)!  Well, what can I say about this program that hasn't already been said?  Ut has been blamed for scamming people out of money.  But... in reality, the financial issues began when it was JBP.  And.. whether you believe JBP was purchased by PC or they just changed the name, there is no denying the fact that their Premium system is producing the goods. 

Just when other programs are failing, PC is showing signs of recovery.  And for the first time since it became ProfitClicking I am actually prepared to share my referral link. 

As ever, I would always advise a strategy of getting your principal out first before considering building your account up with compounding.  For long suffering members, yes we do have to add funds in order to get some of our old money out, but it appears to be working well at this time.

List Building Programs That Pay

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that AIOP is one of my favoured programs.  The admin team is trustworthy, helpful and does what they say the will do.  Payouts are always fast - often within minutes and typically much less than their 24-hours service level.

Most people don't realise what they have with this program and typically join just for the compensation plan.  It's a good compensation plan I and I have devised a strategy to use it to ensure you always get paid.  I share this information in my Lead Capture Page (LCP) setup area.  This is why you will see that I nearly always promote the following URL...

AIOP provides a massive arsenal of online marketing tools that are well worth the cost of either the BASIC or PRO monthly memberships.  I use some of these tools to create LCPs for my team members to copy and these include pre-written emails to convert prospects.  Almost everything (except for advertising) is done for you. 

Essentially all you need to do is consistently advertise your FREE LCP, following the guides that I give to start building yourself a large list of prospects.   Even if these prospects don't upgrade in AIOP, you can send email broadcasts to them promoting your other programs and potentially get referrals into those programs.  This is what helps make AIOP one of the most valuable tools you will every pay for. 

Sign up FREE at the above link, with no obligation.  Then look through all the products and services they offer and if you decide to upgrade, make sure you know the differences between the membership levels - PRO is well worth going for if you want to have multiple lists or earn more from the compensation plan.

DailyTurboPay is a relatively new program from a self made millionaire.  It's a big money program that also yields 100% commissions on memberships and product sales.
There is a full 30-day video training series that will show you the methods he himself uses to and has used to become one of the top marketers around.   Essentially you can earn instant commissions of $99, $499 or $999 on memberships alone.  You will also earn monthly residual income and receive pas-ups periodically from your downline.

Much like what I offer with AIOP, you will get a choice of lead capture pages that will help you collect the names and email addresses of prospects.  You are given the ad copy to use in various advertising arenas making it a simple copy and paste system.

As I mentioned in my previous promo, I'm looking for referrals to place in my rotator and benefit from my advertising effort (i.e. you could earn FREE $99, $499 & $999 commissions from my advertising as well as your own).  There are currently 18 spots available and the rotator will go live by the end of next week regardless.


Ultimately how well you do in Internet marketing will come down to how much effort you are prepared to put into learning and employing what you have learned consistently (ever day).  Safelists and exchanges are Ok for picking up the odd referral now and again, but essentially give you hits without valuable reach.

There are lots f advertising mediums, from forums to free classified sites, social networks etc and you have to make use of all of them to gain maximum exposure.  The above 4 programs cover a broad selection of value for money tools, passive daily returns, ease of use and invaluable Internet marketing training.

If I was to pick one of the 4 to recommend, it would be difficult.  They have, or are all earning me money.  I'm leaning more towards the monthly subscription programs with real products and services as they stand the test of time better than HYIP and Revenue Share programs.  They are what pay you month after month while the "money games" get hacked, attacked or simple turn SCAM (I hate using that word, but most people understand it).

AIOP is exceptional value for money and should not be joined just for the compensation plan, but more how you can use it to generate more money from other programs by building your list.  DailyTurboPay will give you big returns for fewer referrals, depending on the level you come in at.  Nobox is innovative in its approach, cheap to get into and young enough to yield returns for some time.  Trideci is proving itself with some big payouts and strong growth.

For me... it's hard to split them, because together they all perform a function and a parts of a bigger picture.  But if your prepared to do what it takes to succeed, want to get paid quickly month in month out and grow not only your portfolio of programs but your list of prospects and faithful followers, for the price...  AIOP presents a very strong case!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Get FREE Referrals in MEGA Money Hybrid, Launching 7th March

I've been working on several projects both on an offline, but I have a real corker for you today!

The admin of the excellent FastCashMega (FCM)  & PIPMEGA (PM) present's their new program...

This has an awesome compensation plan designed for sustainability and rapid cycling as well as effective advertising.  I guarantee you have not seen a plan quite like this before!  Seriously, watch the onsite video... (team rotator)

I have introduced several good programs recently like RAF, HRS, AIOP & TriDeci etc, but this is the first (since JBP) that I'm going to fund with a sizeable amount up front (normally I feed smaller amounts in).

I'm coming into this with $1K right from the off!


- I'm in the other two programs run by this admin and am being consistently paid, so trust is high!
- The cycling is going to be crazy on launch day, hence returning 75% of my initial investment very quickly
- The compensation plan will put me almost instantly into a daily compounding position
- Daily compounding will lead to multiple cycler line entries that pay 200% commissions
- Stacks of banner and text advertising credits for my other opportunities

The very basics...

$10 Hybrid Units (HU) are split in two giving $5 x 2% for 75 days.  This gives you a 150% return on half your money.  The other $5 goes into the cycler line and doubles your money when you cycle.

That's a 175% return per $10 HU purchased.  25% of your daily HU commissions go into a repurchase balance as does 25% of your cycled position.  This is for the future purchasing of HUs which helps keep your earnings coming and the cycling consistent.

And that's not all, the comp plan is smarter then just HUs and cyclers.   See here... (team rotator)

Ok, lets talk about FREE referrals... 

You'll notice the link above is not a direct MMH referral URL.  This is because I've recently adopted a non-conventional approach to team building. 

Typically a team build involves a lot of administration, waiting on people to sign up and return their links for distribution to the next in line.  You can be waiting forever to get just one referral if at all and the person administrating the build comes under increasing pressure and typically gives up.

My rotator system uses a single team splash page with all team members MMH referral links rapidly rotating behind a 'Sign Up NOW' button.  This means that everyone has equal chance to get referrals whenever they join (no advantage early birds, no disadvantage to late starters). 

Already people are getting referrals without any effort.  However I do ask that all members promote the above team splash page.  Essentially our MMH motto is...

"Invest for Yourself, Promote for the TEAM!"

I've every team members splits half their time and advertising resources to promote the team link, there will be a lot of traffic and FREE referrals up for grabs. 

How it Works...
[1] Visit the team splash page and click 'Sign Up NOW'...
[2] Note the URL and numeric MMH ID number of the site you land on (this will be your sponsor)
[3] Register FREE until 7th March @ 12:00 EST
[4] Send an email to with the following information...

Subject: "Add me to the TEAM MOBILBO MMH Rotator"
You sponsor's numeric MMH ID
Your own numeric MMH ID

Example URL:
https:// megamoneyhybrid. com/index.php?ref=####
(where #### is the numeric MMH ID)

[5] Refer existing downlines, list and contacts to your personal MMH URL, then show them these steps
[6] This is optional, but in the spirit of the team build, please consider advertising the team link

It is important that you do supply your sponsor's numeric MMH ID.  This is so no-one is added to the rotator who is not in our team.  Without your sponsor's ID, you will not be added to the rotator.

Pre-build Your Team Now

MEGA Money Hybrid will officially launch on 7th March at 12:00 EST.  What this means is that the purchasing of HUs will be open.  Joining FREE now will enable you to essentially pre-build your teams and have a ready made downline either by your own effort or the team's efforts.

You can fund your account in readiness for launch-day cycling madness... some BIG money is going to be spent and I'm certain things will move very fast.  

We have a team Facebook page which I will be developing to drive traffic to the rotator, be a source of advice and information and payment proofs etc. 

The only URL to be promoted on the page is the team rotator link, hence URLs are automatically filtered, but screenshots of payment proofs are allowed as long as they don't include personal links.

This admin has a history of long lasting and consistently paying programs.  Hence this represents a great opportunity to build a sizeable income from 7th March.  Plus you will have the benefit of other team members helping to promote on your behalf and build your downline. 

I seriously cannot wait for 7th March and hopefully you'll join with us to make fast, long lasting cash!

Working Hard for Your Success,


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fortune 50 System Nearing Completion!

In my last update I alluded to the fact that I was working on a new lead capture system that would stand alone, separate to  I actually wanted to keep everything in one place, but considered that having all the resources and LCP setup on my main site might be causing too many distractions.

So F50 will be a site in itself, like the original AIOP site (which admittedly was thrown together rather quickly), but of a higher quality and with greater appeal.  The new F50 LCP you've seen is more eye-catching and more compelling.  Therefore the LCP setup and resources area had to match it - so that's what I've been working on.

The team resources area now follows the theme/colour scheme of the LCP.  I've had to develop this in phases and consider it was worth taking some time over.  The phase I've just completed was to transfer the content from the original resources area over to the new design as it is still relevant.  I will be adding classified ad copy, more email ads, traffic and email exchanges etc etc.  With the new site design this will be easier to do.

I've also added a member lookup form.  This will facilitate the serving of your Profitable Sunrise URL to your new AIOP members.  For those of you who don't yet know, the F50 concept is about building multiple income streams and hence we encourage our new team members to invest in our passive program (Profitable sunrise).  This is not mandatory, but the benefit to your referral is that their AIOP monthly subscription is covered and the benefit to you is that you start to accumulate your Profitable Sunrise balance/income as well as increasing your AIOP commissions.

If you don't already have a Profitable Sunrise account, please create one here...

In order for the member lookup to work, I'm going to need each of you visit the new LCP area and complete STEP 2, which collects AIOP & Profitable Sunrise data.  This information will be recorded in a database, so when your new upgraded AIOP member starts their LCP setup, they will be given your Profitable Sunrise link to signup at.

Please visit the following URL and complete STEP 2 only...  (your sponsor's AIOP ID is on the 'Show referrals' page in your AIOP back office)

When you have done this, please advise all your active referrals (whether they are under you or your upline) to visit this blog and read this update.  They will also visit the above link and do the same.

Outstanding tasks
I will be getting some new F50 banners made up, but the old Team Mobilbo banners are still available for use.

So far I've not included the videos, but I will look to record a new one in the near future that is relevant to F50 as a system rather than any of the programs in it. 

And then there are the new follow-up emails to complete, format and load into the system.

Once these tasks are all done and I have everyone's details in the database, I will send another update with the new 4-digit campaign ID to everyone in the database (which should be our entire team).

Finally, I should be adding a new screenshot around 18th February with some accompanying text.  This might end up being the actual F50 go live date (depending on progress), but I'll keep you all informed once I have a firm ETA for the roll out.

Working Hard For Your Success,


Monday, 28 January 2013

I Promised a Third... And, It's Coming!

It's been a while since I last posted.  My apologies, there have been several distractions.  

Aside from managing some 20+ programs, sourcing traffic for 2 team builds, supporting members and managing 2 offline ventures, there's also the constant need to keep an eye on the IM market place.

However, I am making space (and have started) to develop the third AIOP LCP, only this one will be a little different.  It will stand alone on its own shared campaign and incorporate more than just the AIOP system.  It will include all new pre-written emails in the autoresponder, a passive income element and the system will be designed in such a way that the passive element is interchangeable - I feel this is necessary given the fragility in the IM industry of late.

The system will have its own LCP pages (not from the main website), but will include many of the resources.  It will be structured in such a way that is easy for your prospects to follow, with precise instructions on how to make the system run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible such that there will always be money available and no AIOP subscriptions will fail.

I'm calling it Fortune 50 as it will be based on a total investment of $50.  It won't alienate members who don't have $50 to invest, but the concept is such that the passive element will cover the cost of AIOP basic membership as well as allowing you and your referrals the opportunity to build the passive stream higher on a daily basis.

This is work in progress, but you can get a sneak preview of the unfinished lead capture page here...

I will again included a team splash page with rotating links to help drive free referrals into your AIOP business.  So you will still need to direct your referrals to me for the campaign ID so I can included them in the rotator and record their email address to make sure everyone is kept up to date on any changes or additions to the campaign that might mean you'll just have to reload it.

I haven't a timeframe on the completion and delivery yet, but I'll get it rolled out as soon as I possibly can.

Watch This Space


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Have You Ever Seen Growth Like This in a New Income Opportunity

Yes this is a promotional post, but not without good reason!
This company is not in pre-launch until February 1st.  
They don't even have their product ready, but people are scrambling like crazy to get into this program.
Tell me, do you know of any online business that has attracted 15,000+ members in its first 9 days?
iLA is uniting network marketing with the rapidly expanding mobile applications industry.  This is a first and companies who do this often reap huge rewards.
This is your chance to be at the forefront of an Internet marketing phenomenon.  At the time of writing I have a team of 46... in now 7 days of being a member.  We are under the top recruiter in the program and we are generating spillover, so you're highly likely to get help from your upline's efforts.
But... we also have a high converting marketing system that has been developed to help even the least experienced marketer to build an increasing monthly residual income.  This does everything for you except place the ads, but hey, anyone can do that right!?
I've even created a Facebook page where the team can communicate and drive fans right to their iLA affiliate URLs.  With this much help and resource available, your success is all but guaranteed.
You Seriously Don't Want to Miss This!
Join Me Today,

Thursday, 10 January 2013

More Bang For Your Buck!!!

As you may or may not know, AIOP moved to new servers.  This process took them about 24 hours.  In all my experience online, whenever an admin talks of moving servers, they have been offline for a number of days or more than a week. 

This to me, highlights not only the technical ability of the admin team, but their commitment to us as members.  This is just one of the reasons, even that I participate in numerous opportunities, I have huge faith in AIOP.  Everything I've seen, all the contact I've had and all the services they have given are what you would expect to receive... and we do.

So, how can we get more out of AIOP?

Firstly, and I know I keep going on about it, but an important factor is member retention.  We want to stay in this program because every month we are getting paid.  Therefore we have to work as a team. 

While I promote and support everyone by sending traffic to my team rotator splash page, my strategy for you as individual members focuses on a team of just two - you and your first downline member.  The beauty of this is that you can start at any time, doesn't have to be right from the beginning.  You have a LCP that when advertised consistently will get you prospects and upgraded referrals (it's just about how consistent you are).  Once you have your first downline member, you should focus on referring for them and them only (of course any traffic you can send to the team splash page is also appreciated). 

As everyone in your downline starts to duplicate this process, not only will you retain members, but you will also earn more commissions, month after month.  I wrote a guide on this process at the following link and strongly recommend you share it with your downline members - but you only need to work with your first.

The second thing we all need, is traffic and lots of it.  There are numerous ways to do this, but we want to save time and money while driving interested people to our websites. 

RicanAdFunds Equals Phenomenal Advertising & Returns

One such way is to participate in ad package programs.  And I believe RicanAdFunds gives you the the 'Most Bang For Your Buck'. 

Each ad pack costs $15 and gives you...

- 5000 Header Banner (486 x 60) Impressions,
- 5000 Feature Banner (125 x 125) Impressions
- 5000 Feature Text Ad Impressions

That's a lot of impressions. 

But, you also earn 2$ per day on each ad pack for 125 days.  So 125 days at $0.30 return gives you $37.5 which is a 250% ROI.  The more ad packs you purchase, the more impressions you get and the more money you earn.

You can find the team banners at the following link.  Please use the URLs of the GIF banners and make your target URL either your AIOP affiliate link or your Team Mobilbo LCP link.

Following the above strategies, will open up two streams of income, one from AIOP and one from RicanAdFunds.  You can use the solo ad copy in their promotional centre and add it to your autoresponder so all your AIOP prospects see it too.  This will likely drive a proportion of them into your RicanAdFunds downline and earn you referral commissions from that.

Stay focussed, remain consistent and you will succeed!

Team Mobilbo