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Friday, 1 March 2013

Get FREE Referrals in MEGA Money Hybrid, Launching 7th March

I've been working on several projects both on an offline, but I have a real corker for you today!

The admin of the excellent FastCashMega (FCM)  & PIPMEGA (PM) present's their new program...

This has an awesome compensation plan designed for sustainability and rapid cycling as well as effective advertising.  I guarantee you have not seen a plan quite like this before!  Seriously, watch the onsite video... (team rotator)

I have introduced several good programs recently like RAF, HRS, AIOP & TriDeci etc, but this is the first (since JBP) that I'm going to fund with a sizeable amount up front (normally I feed smaller amounts in).

I'm coming into this with $1K right from the off!


- I'm in the other two programs run by this admin and am being consistently paid, so trust is high!
- The cycling is going to be crazy on launch day, hence returning 75% of my initial investment very quickly
- The compensation plan will put me almost instantly into a daily compounding position
- Daily compounding will lead to multiple cycler line entries that pay 200% commissions
- Stacks of banner and text advertising credits for my other opportunities

The very basics...

$10 Hybrid Units (HU) are split in two giving $5 x 2% for 75 days.  This gives you a 150% return on half your money.  The other $5 goes into the cycler line and doubles your money when you cycle.

That's a 175% return per $10 HU purchased.  25% of your daily HU commissions go into a repurchase balance as does 25% of your cycled position.  This is for the future purchasing of HUs which helps keep your earnings coming and the cycling consistent.

And that's not all, the comp plan is smarter then just HUs and cyclers.   See here... (team rotator)

Ok, lets talk about FREE referrals... 

You'll notice the link above is not a direct MMH referral URL.  This is because I've recently adopted a non-conventional approach to team building. 

Typically a team build involves a lot of administration, waiting on people to sign up and return their links for distribution to the next in line.  You can be waiting forever to get just one referral if at all and the person administrating the build comes under increasing pressure and typically gives up.

My rotator system uses a single team splash page with all team members MMH referral links rapidly rotating behind a 'Sign Up NOW' button.  This means that everyone has equal chance to get referrals whenever they join (no advantage early birds, no disadvantage to late starters). 

Already people are getting referrals without any effort.  However I do ask that all members promote the above team splash page.  Essentially our MMH motto is...

"Invest for Yourself, Promote for the TEAM!"

I've every team members splits half their time and advertising resources to promote the team link, there will be a lot of traffic and FREE referrals up for grabs. 

How it Works...
[1] Visit the team splash page and click 'Sign Up NOW'...
[2] Note the URL and numeric MMH ID number of the site you land on (this will be your sponsor)
[3] Register FREE until 7th March @ 12:00 EST
[4] Send an email to with the following information...

Subject: "Add me to the TEAM MOBILBO MMH Rotator"
You sponsor's numeric MMH ID
Your own numeric MMH ID

Example URL:
https:// megamoneyhybrid. com/index.php?ref=####
(where #### is the numeric MMH ID)

[5] Refer existing downlines, list and contacts to your personal MMH URL, then show them these steps
[6] This is optional, but in the spirit of the team build, please consider advertising the team link

It is important that you do supply your sponsor's numeric MMH ID.  This is so no-one is added to the rotator who is not in our team.  Without your sponsor's ID, you will not be added to the rotator.

Pre-build Your Team Now

MEGA Money Hybrid will officially launch on 7th March at 12:00 EST.  What this means is that the purchasing of HUs will be open.  Joining FREE now will enable you to essentially pre-build your teams and have a ready made downline either by your own effort or the team's efforts.

You can fund your account in readiness for launch-day cycling madness... some BIG money is going to be spent and I'm certain things will move very fast.  

We have a team Facebook page which I will be developing to drive traffic to the rotator, be a source of advice and information and payment proofs etc. 

The only URL to be promoted on the page is the team rotator link, hence URLs are automatically filtered, but screenshots of payment proofs are allowed as long as they don't include personal links.

This admin has a history of long lasting and consistently paying programs.  Hence this represents a great opportunity to build a sizeable income from 7th March.  Plus you will have the benefit of other team members helping to promote on your behalf and build your downline. 

I seriously cannot wait for 7th March and hopefully you'll join with us to make fast, long lasting cash!

Working Hard for Your Success,