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Monday, 31 December 2012


Despite obvious disappointments on several fronts in 2012, there are some great programs available to increase your income in 2013.  Many of which we have already started earning from and will continue to do so throughout the year. 

With that in mind, I've finally got around to effecting a revamp of my old and tired Mobilbo website.  The revised version, although it's still work in progress, is live and can be visited at the following link.

Mobilbo Info

It's main text based, but its brighter and should be a more informative resource for team members and prospective online marketers.  I'm planning to integrate the AIOP LCP website and resources here in the next few days.  This will be served on its own page and the older LCP link will redirect to it.

The benefit of doing this, is that I can direct traffic on the main Mobilbo site to the AIOP LCP pages, which should ultimately help to drive traffic to the team splash page.  You will also note that I display the team splash page banners throughout the main site. 

2013 First Quarter Plans

They say failing to plan, is planning to fail.  I'm a firm believer in organising one's self in order to plan a strategy for success.  With all that I have had on this year, from failed programs, house/country moves, offline ventures etc, I found that I entered a state of slight disorganisation.  Fortunately, I found AIOP, which gave me the energy and drive to get my house back in order. 

Aside from finally getting around to the revamp, I'm also trying to make space for education and learning more about existing techniques as well as new ones to 'improve my game' for 2013.  All useful resources and tips will, as always, be detailed on my website to help the entire team and encourage non-team members to join us.

Importantly, I also too a little time out to map out my strategy for the first 3 months of the year.  With Profitable Sunrise continuing it's excellent performance, I feel its time to 'make hay while the sun shines'... literally! 

So I'll be following this path in the first quarter of the year...

RicanAdFunds (RAF): My plan is to invest $90 daily in 6 ad packs (5 days a week) from 7th January until the end of February.  This will leave me with a $100+ per day turnover in RAF.  With that I will effect a 30/70 withdraw/reinvest strategy as the program will then be self sufficient.

FastCashMega (FCM): It's hard to believe I've been on this program for a whole year and just not had time to do anything with it.  This may well have been an error on my part, given I focussed too heavily on Zeek Rewards.  However it still present a great income opportunity, especially with the addition of the new monthly subscription (for as little as $5).

My plan here is similar to that of RAF.  While I have small investments here, from the beginning of March I will invest $100 daily in 10 ad packs (5 days a week) for 2 months, until the program yields a $100+ per day turnover.  Again, I will effect a 30/70 withdraw/reinvest strategy.

ADIT Network: This should come into its own in February, when they plan to allow the trading of ad points on their new platform.  You can find updates and more info on my Facebook page...

Those are my main focus points for the first 3 - 4 months.  The other promising programs, I will allow to gain momentum and consider them for more funding depending on performance.

AffilaShare Plans for 2013

AffilaShare licenses have, after the rapid $1-a-day start, have slowed quite dramatically.  I put this down too the fact that the site is not yet fully functional and the eProducts were not available.  Launching during the festive season is also difficult as people have other priorities. 

However, for those of us that have joined, we have the first mover advantage going into 2013.  They have plans that include outside revenue sources, Affilashare debit card and ad placing services.  You will find detailed updates at my Facebook page...


For those of you in the team build, you will have received an email from me about a shift in approach.  We are now operating a team splash page with rotating links, much the same as the AIOP team splash page.  All members are required to promote the team splash page as this will gain it more traffic and give everyone equal chance of free referrals.
FREE Splash Page Give Away 

Back in 2010 I achieved good success with a mini-site, albeit it too 3 hours+ consistent advertising effort over a sustained period of days to achieve.  My plan now is to offer this splash page FREE to fans of my Facebook fan page below...

This is my most popular fan page with a reach of almost 4 millions people.  Do feel free to LIKE.  The free splash page I plan to offer here (and maybe on my other fan pages) will carry the AIOP 728x90 Team Mobilbo banners.  So while people are using the splash pages to make sales and earn money for FREE, they will also be advertising our AIOP team splash page - it's all designed to get us more free referrals in our AIOP businesses.

And finally, while we're on the subject of AIOP.  Can I remind you that we now have a shared campaign system available to all upgraded team members.  You can now copy my campaign (via a 4-digit campaign code), which takes around 5 minutes, and you will have the choice of 2 (soon to be 3) splash pages and automatically get the pre-written emails without having to enter and format them yourselves. The LCP instructions have been changed to reflect this.

Please note that I will cross check any requests for the campaign code against the team rotator list.  So please ensure your referrals do provide all the required info as details on the LCP setup page.

OK, that's it from me for 2012!

See you in 2013 with renewed vigour and a strong desire to do what's required to succeed...


Thursday, 27 December 2012

RicanAdFunds Calculator Now Available

Just a quick update re RicanAdfunds (RAF)...

I've managed to get my hands on a RicanAdFunds calculator.  This is a Microsoft Excel document that you can download from the link below.

The fields highlighted in yellow can be edited.  The others are locked.  This can distributed to your RAF referrals so they can plan their ad pack purchases and calculate their potential income.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

RICANADFUNDS – An Obvious Choice for 2013

Massive Heads Up For 2013 Investments!

I've been watching RicanAdfunds (RAF) since it launched and feel its performance up to now more than warrants some serious consideration!  With the number of members it currently has in just a few months, I feel this is a good advertising opportunity for Team Mobilbo.  Therefore I will be marketing our banners on RAF and building up my ad packs to help drive as much traffic to AIOP team members (as well as earning from the program).  

I will be investing consistently and heavily in Ricanadfunds from 7th January 2013 until the end of February

Launched September 26th 2012 Ricanadfunds (RAF) already has 12,000+ members and has already paid out  $1,205,327.81 to date.

Their Alexa Rating says it all:

+ $15 per Advertising Position
+ Earn 2.00% Daily - For 125 Days
+ Earn 2.00% Daily - 60% per Month
+ Earn 250% per Position
+ 100% Passive
+ Daily Payments per Ad Unit
+ Minimum Cash Out $15
+ NO need to Login or Surf to Earn
+ Increase Your Earnings with Daily Compounding
+ Earn Without Sponsoring
+ 3 Referral Bonuses: 7%, 5% and 3%
+ Available to People in All countries
+ $15.00 Ad Pack includes
-- 5000 Header Banner (486 x 60) Impressions,
-- 5000 Feature Banner (125 x 125) Impressions
-- 5000 Feature Text Ad Impressions

RAF is backed by…
Rican Business Ventures is an established company in the UK and is owned by Richard Cannon

BS16 9SW
Legal Information
Company Registration No.: 08008340
Incorporation Date:

BS16 9SW
Legal Information
Company Registration No.: 08008340
Incorporation Date: 27 Mar 2012
8 Months old
Financial Year End: 31 Mar

Rican Leisure and Travel
Rican Health and Wellness
Rican Financial Options
Rican Professional Networks
Rican Online Marketing
Rican Capital Funding

The owner is assisted by Russell Chapman, himself a ProfitClicking (PC) top earner.
Add to that, the PC no. 1 earner Alan Chapman is huge investor and supporter!


Unlike ProfitClicking, This has NO RESTART/ProfitShift!

Owner, Richard Cannon, is also the owner of IsmMagic and Ismadsincome has a strong back up business that is able to support the program:


It has Seven (7) Companies under this umbrella:

The CEO, Richard Cannon, makes himself accessible on Facebook, which displays transparency and builds trust.

If you're looking for a persistent and secure return in 2013, note this where much of my money will be invested…

Join Me & Earn Big in 2013!   

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year‏

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a great time over the festive period.

In France, Christmas is celebrated late on the 24th December to welcome Christmas Day.  The 24th also happens to be my birthday, so the likelihood is that my online activity over these two days at least may be somewhat limited.  As there now exists a new LCP setup process, I should still be able to provide our new upgraded referrals with the information they need to get started within 24 hours or less.

AIOP is the perfect program to take us into 2013.  Make one of your New Year resolutions to commit some time to promoting your LCPs (at least 30 minutes to one hour per day) and you will see results.  And don't forget as your prospects grow, you can market your other opportunities to them using the broadcast feature in your AIOP autoresponder.  AIOP enables you to control all your email marketing from one location, while your LCP gets you lots of prospects. 

I will try to source more FREE advertising resources, or suppliers of FREE advertising credits for signing up like...

I will also continue to reinvest my AIOP commissions in paid resources to drive traffic to the team splash page.  If you do have spare advertising credits, do please feel free to include the team splash page in your marketing too.

For now, Eat, Drink & Be Merry...  Have a Great Christmas!
Team Mobilbo Support

Thursday, 20 December 2012

New LCP Setup Procedure

Will all team members please note that there has been a significant change in the LCP setup.  

Please revisit the LCP area to learn what the changes are and the benefit to you.  This will reduce my overhead in having to create individual LCPs for new team members and enable me to spend more time marketing the team splash page.

It will also mean new and existing team members can have up to 3 splash pages to promote with.  I will soon be working on a 3rd and will notify the team when it has been completed.  Please do note that you do not have to take any action unless you wish to.

My thanks to the AIOP admin team for making this feature available and supporting me during the setup.  This is proof, once again, that AIOP is a great business to be involved with.  


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Team Mobilbo AIOP Update

Members of my Team Mobilbo can now request to have admin access to the team Facebook fan page in order to promote ONLY their AIOP LCPs and affiliate links.

Please feel free to interact with fans and potential prospects and have them sign up via your LCPs or directly at your AIOP affiliate link.  In order to give access, we will need to be connected as friends on Facebook.  

In order to find me, please go to the following URL..

In order to keep the beneficial for only our team, I will cross check all requests against the team rotator list.  Therefore, please do give your AIOP ID when making your request.  The more interactions each of us have with our AIOP fans, the wider our reach will become and the more traffic we'll generate to our affiliate links or LCPs and indeed the team page, which gives all members (except me) a chance of free referrals.

Please note, if any of your referrals drop out of the program it will say 'NO' in the 'Active' column of your referrals list.  Please do tell me of any drop out as these will automatically default to the business.  I don't mind helping AIOP grow as a business, but I'd prefer any upgrades to go to our team members who are collectively helping to drive traffic to all our pages. 


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Making The Most of All In One Profits

All In One Profits is a young but increasingly popular company.  It's not just an income opportunity, it's an actual company providing real value for money services to help you build your online businesses.

Here's a reminder of the services they provide for as little as $11.50 a month...
  • Auto Responder, Splash/Squeeze maker, URL Tracker,  best quality and affordable  Web Hosting, Website builder, Video maker, Video squeeze builder, Graphics and Web design, Software, Article editing software, a  Downline builder system allowing users to add also their own programs.
  • They also provide a Digital Product Library with many hours of Video Training,  Audio books, and eBooks. 
  • As a bonus, AIOP offers Text and Banner Advertising with unlimited credits.
Making good use of these services, can help you build an online presence, build your list, build your income and become a more complete Internet marketer.

Whatever you want from AIOP, the possibility to build earn an increasing monthly residual income is a high priority.  Hence, I created the high converting lead capture system that, when used regularly, will build you a large list of Income opportunity seekers.

However, you can improve your level of success by becoming more proactive.  If you are not achieving the results you expected, do ask yourself if you have done enough!  Spending anything between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day advertising your LCP will achieve results.  The more places your LCP is distributed, the more prospects (and upgrades) you will get.  Don't leave it all up to the LCP and pre-written emails.  I have successfully referred several upgraded members by contacting them personally when I've received notification that they became a prospect.

This is YOUR Future Income, What will YOU Do to Secure It?

Everyone you see, speak to or come into contact with is a potential referral or a useful contact.  The beauty of networking is that your next referrals may be several generations from the person you last spoke to (a friend of a friend of a friend).  The more friends/contacts you make, the bigger your network grows and the greater your chance of getting upgraded referrals in your business.  To my mind, Facebook is one of the best mediums for building your network, acquiring traffic and ultimately prospects, which is why I lean heavily in it's favour and have provided a pretty detailed guide and sample ads.  And I've asked new team members to provide details of where they found our ads/LCP - Facebook so far is the most popular answer!

If you haven't created your own Internet marketing or AIOP Facebook fan page yet, you're missing out on lots of naturally interested prospects.  Most people will know that for most of my income opportunities you will find that I have a Facebook page.  There are several reasons for this including...
  • Building An Online Presence
  • Getting Traffic
  • Network Growth
  • Search Engine Rankings
To start making the most out of the AIOP compensation plan, I strongly advise you to...
  • Create a Facebook account, it's FREE (fill out your profile and ensure you include links to your LCP)
  • Start making friends in Internet marketing Facebook groups (see the groups list at the bottom of the above page) - don't go crazy, 10 - 20 new friends a day is enough
  • Create a Facebook fan page, it's easy - see instructions in my guide (see the sample ads at the bottom of this page)
The more regularly you post on your page, the more news feeds your message will go out on.  And remember you posts don't always have to be about your business.  A popular news item or recent event will stand out on people's news feeds and they may LIKE your page if that's where they saw the post.  This person will have their own network of friends, but because they LIKEd your page, your post will show on all these people's news feeds - so you can now see how your LCP link can be virally spread using Facebook.

Below is an interesting read and useful tips to expand the reach of your posts via Facebook...

And don't forget, once you have a decent fan base and a large reach (check your pages Insights), you can promote your best posts for a small fee to help it reach a larger number of news feeds of your fans.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

How To Start Earning Quickly with AIOP or Any Online Business

AIOP is one of the simplest programs for anyone to get started with and to begin earning quickly. Regardless of whether you have or have not earned a single dollar with online marketing in the past, that will all change with AIOP and the Team Mobilbo Marketing System.

AIOP is not a forced matrix type program that can generate spillover, where you can naturally directly benefit from your upline member's efforts.  You are required to advertise to build your downline and your income.  That said, I have made it possible to benefit from the team's efforts via the team splash page (with rotator) and several members have already acquired FREE upgraded referrals who have earned them money.

Furthermore, you have a very compelling and high converting Lead Capture Page (LCP) at your disposal, so do make good use of it and see the results it will help you achieve.  I have provided some useful resources in the LCP area that you can use immediately to start marketing your LCP.

With any online business, you can earn one of two ways: 

  • By waiting for success
  • Achieving your own success
The first option, as always, will take longer to generate results.  It simply requires that you be patient while you wait for the team splash page to produce results for you.

The second option requires you to set your goals and empower yourself to achieve them.  Regardless of the quality of the program or the tools, the one common denominator is yourself.  And program can deliver good results if you apply yourself to the task of attaining them.

If you are truly serious about quickly building an online income, you should begin by doing all of the following as quickly as possible: 

  • Contact your existing fellow marketers, friends, and associates to tell them about The Online Ad Network. Give them your Affiliate URL. (No spamming)
  • Reply to email ads that you receive with information about The Online Ad Network. Give them your Affiliate URL and let them know that if they are truly serious about building their business, they need to join you in The Online Ad Network right away!
  • Participate in traffic exchanges with your Capture Page / Affiliate URL.
  • Participate in Safelists and promote your Capture Page / Affiliate URL.
  • If you have an ad budget, consider Solo Ads and Keyword Advertising.
  • Participate in appropriate discussion forums where you can add your Affiliate link to your profile and posts.
  • Share your Capture Page / Affiliate URL in your Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc...
  • Ask your upline for advice. They are successful for a reason!
Be prepared to commit to your success.  Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day replying to email offers, posting to safelists, surfing traffic exchanges, etc...

You can build a powerful income stream by letting everyone you have contact with know about our marketing system and AIOP's products and services.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

New Passive Income Opportunity - AffilaShare, Join FREE & Include in Your Autoresponder!

AffilaShare is in Pre-Launch.

There is much testing of the system in progress, which means some areas of the site are still under maintenance.  However you can join FREE and start building a downline, in this program.  The aim here is to maintain focus on your AIOP business, but provide you with a FREE passive income stream.

Registering as a FREE affiliate for AffilaShare and including the email below in your AIOP autoresponder, should enable you to build a downline and earn commissions on their spend.  These commissions can then be withdrawn or used to purchase products for which you will receive a daily cash back rebate, just for posting one ad per day.

Join FREE here...

To see all updates and my progress, please visit my Facebook page below...

Remember, you don't have to buy products to earn, just include the following email in your AIOP autoresponder...

Subject: Just Launched... Exciting New RevShare Designed For Your Success
Interval: 10

Congratulations  [[fixfirstname]]

You just discovered Revenue sharing done right. 

Introducing Affilashare! 

Have you ever dreamed of being in the right place at the right time? 

Everyone Earns 
*Passive or active, *f*r*e*e* members too 

Revenue Sharing 
*Every product purchase easily qualifies for revenue sharing. Just place one ad a day to qualify. Anyone can do that right? 

25% Sales Commissions 
*Commissions are paid on three levels 
10% on level one 
10% on level two 
5% on level three 

Real Products 
*Cutting edge Eproducts help build your business 

*Our 50/50 split business model ensures sustainability. Earn on your referral's purchases and repurchases too! 

Effortless Repeat Commissions 
*Every 10 days we release a new product that your referrals can't wait to get helping you make recurring commissions on autopilot! That's HOT! 

Random Referral Award System 
*Your Admin Team is working for you. Random referrals are awarded to upgraded members. Don't wait upgrade today! 

Get Your Share. Join Affilashare today! 


PS: Top marketers and program owners are beating Down the door to get in! Now is the time to get Your Share... Affilashare! 
Join Now

As always, please do test any email you ad to your autoresponder to ensure it's formatted as you'd like.

Team Mobilbo Support

Split Testing Your Ads

Please see the following blog post from Brian Rooney, the owner of The Online Ad Network, where my Team Mobilbo ads are being served.

As I have already mentioned, consistency is a key factor in become successful   However, being somewhat scientific in your advertising helps too.  You need to test different ads and ad styles, mix headings with the ad bodies and track the results to see which gets you the most hits.

The more testing and tracking of ads that you do, the more efficient you become at writing them.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Converting Prospects & Your FREE Referrals, Plus [[fixfirstname]] Resolution

When you receive notification that you have a new prospect its a great feeling.  But... your job is not done.  You still need that prospect to know that behind the automated response is a real person.  I've already mentioned following up personally with your prospect, so they know they are not in this alone.  Remember a couple of example emails are in the LCP area at the following link...

I have personally found that this method does work and have a few upgraded team members, simply because I followed up with them to let them know they would be supported and receive a whole host of services for FREE that will help them build their AIOP business.

The other thing you should do is check your back office for FREE referrals.  These are your referrals only.  Therefore, you can release a little more information about the system.  For example, you can advise them that they will get their AIOP affiliate link in the team splash page rotator, which... gives them a chance to get free referrals and referral income.  Do advise them not to just focus on the FREE aspect, as in order to succeed online they have to put the time into marketing their LCP.

You can also show your free referrals the LCP area, or send them the link.  Although all links in the LCP point to the tea splash page, you cannot lose your referrals (pass-up yes, but not lose - they are still your referrals). 

And, thanks to Rainer who appears, with the help of the admin to have solved the [[fixfirstname]] issue.  It appears that we might need an extra space between the greeting and the tag.  Although my emails are written with a space, I will be amending the autoresponder emails in the LCP are to have an additional space, perhaps after the tag also.

RevTrix Update

The ad units I purchased appear to by earning as normal, with a percentage being retained for repurchases.  The banner ads only recorded a low 0.38% click though rate (CTR) and the text ads even less at 0.19% for leads oriented text ad and 0.23% for income oriented text ad.  So in turns of driving traffic, the results were not great, unless of course every click resulted in an upgraded referral, which I can verifiy as I'm advertising the team splash page.

However, that isn't to say you won't have successful clicks there, but I think this is going to generate more money from participation in its program than driving traffic and referral income into AIOP.  I'll continue monitoring this until I have a successful withdrawal and let you know once that occurs.

I've had a few other advertising resources advised to me.  For the moment I'll take my time and have a look at them, I have to budget carefully to ensure I can test as much as possible any means of getting consistent traffic to the team splash page.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Some Advertising Resource Stats

I've tested a few paid resources these last few days, but because they are for the team splash page it's difficult to tell if they have resulted in upgraded members.  The testing hasn't been as scientific as I'd like, but some of you guys have been keeping me busy - so congratulations to those getting upgraded referrals.

One of these resources is The Online Ad Network (TOAN).  It's a paid resource, but you get a 15 day FREE trial.  I'm 7 days in now and according to the stats, I can confirm (on this network at least), the 468x60 banner is performing the best at 20% CTR (2 clicks out of 10 impressions). Maybe I will continue (after day 15)  and pay for this resource to test it further.  It would be interesting to see the CTR with more impressions.

So if you intend to use the banners for either your own marketing or for the team, this one seems to perform better than the 125x125 (maybe its the fact it has a graphical image on it. Based on that, if you find an exchange that allows the 728x90 banner size, maybe this will also perform well given it had two graphical images.

With regard to RevTrix, I purchased 7 positions today, so we'll see what their return is tomorrow. One of our team has invested in one position and I can confirm a referral commission has been credited to my account.  In terms of advertising the CTR is 0.34%, way way way lower than TOAN. This indicates to me that people in this program are more focussed on the income than the advertising (who can blame them), so it might not be the best ad resource for our AIOP LCPs and team splash page.

Sadly ProfitClicking appears to be worsening.  After adding the team splash page URL 11 days ago, I've only received 17 impressions.  That's not to say the impressions were not valuable ones, but realistically its a very poor showing.  Add to that URLs I've added 2 and 4 days ago have had no impressions.

Paradox Cash, like ProfitClicking (PC) only shows impressions and not clicks.  But considering I only joined (and upgraded) on the 6th of December you can see for a lifetime $4 membership, the impressions blow PC out of the water!  The most impressions as you can see go to the 728x90 banner.  Again these are pointing at the team splash page, but I may duplicate the 3 banners and track them back to my own LCP to enable me to see the results more easily. 

Again you can earn a small commission here on upgraded referrals.  I'll give an update on the tracking stats at a later date.  They also offer video advertising, but I've yet to try this - it takes you to their video marketing site.  I'll test this when I get chance.

If you're using the banners to point to your own LCPs, please do remember to use the GIF banners as the Flash ones will automatically redirect visitors to the team splash page. 

Ok, that's it for now.  Until the next update, if I don't speak to you before.


FREE Traffic Exchange

Hello All,

Welcome to the first update via the new system.  

I am now able to send an email to my blog which results in a blog post.  

This is just to notify you that one of our team members, Mr Jeff St Clair own a traffic exchange on which we can promote our businesses.  

Please do note you are under no obligation to upgrade.  However if you do find this to be a valuable resource, then feel free to purchase a suitable package.


Team Mobilbo

Monday, 10 December 2012

AIOP Compensation Plan Illustration

To help you better understand the compensation plan I drew this quick illustration.  

You can see the power of the plan, where Kevin (having only referred Eric) can be paid by 4 people - Eric, John, Peter and Jane.

And Eric can be paid by 3 people - Sue, Alex and Jeff...

Now watch the official video and see the income potential...

Welcome to the Team Mobilbo Blog

This blog is not only for the promotion of this unique business opportunity, but to act as communication medium for AIOP updates and also to guide our team members on how to become more successful at marketing their AIOP business and to make more money online.

I will share various marketing methods, ad sources, tools, tips and ad copy that can be used to turn this low-cost $11.50 monthly investment into huge monthly residual incomes for all members.  From time to time there may be opportunities in different programs that may be posted if beneficial to the team.

Making money online takes some effort, commitment and consistency, but also guidance from your upline. If you're new to Internet marketing, you've never made money online or are looking to expand your knowledge and increase your income, then LIKE this page for regular updates and insights into how to earn thousands of dollars a month online.

We are working together as a team and therefore have a team splash page from which all our team members have equal opportunity to receive FREE referrals from the team's collective marketing efforts.

Join Team Mobilbo and Change Your Financial Future NOW!