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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Making The Most of All In One Profits

All In One Profits is a young but increasingly popular company.  It's not just an income opportunity, it's an actual company providing real value for money services to help you build your online businesses.

Here's a reminder of the services they provide for as little as $11.50 a month...
  • Auto Responder, Splash/Squeeze maker, URL Tracker,  best quality and affordable  Web Hosting, Website builder, Video maker, Video squeeze builder, Graphics and Web design, Software, Article editing software, a  Downline builder system allowing users to add also their own programs.
  • They also provide a Digital Product Library with many hours of Video Training,  Audio books, and eBooks. 
  • As a bonus, AIOP offers Text and Banner Advertising with unlimited credits.
Making good use of these services, can help you build an online presence, build your list, build your income and become a more complete Internet marketer.

Whatever you want from AIOP, the possibility to build earn an increasing monthly residual income is a high priority.  Hence, I created the high converting lead capture system that, when used regularly, will build you a large list of Income opportunity seekers.

However, you can improve your level of success by becoming more proactive.  If you are not achieving the results you expected, do ask yourself if you have done enough!  Spending anything between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day advertising your LCP will achieve results.  The more places your LCP is distributed, the more prospects (and upgrades) you will get.  Don't leave it all up to the LCP and pre-written emails.  I have successfully referred several upgraded members by contacting them personally when I've received notification that they became a prospect.

This is YOUR Future Income, What will YOU Do to Secure It?

Everyone you see, speak to or come into contact with is a potential referral or a useful contact.  The beauty of networking is that your next referrals may be several generations from the person you last spoke to (a friend of a friend of a friend).  The more friends/contacts you make, the bigger your network grows and the greater your chance of getting upgraded referrals in your business.  To my mind, Facebook is one of the best mediums for building your network, acquiring traffic and ultimately prospects, which is why I lean heavily in it's favour and have provided a pretty detailed guide and sample ads.  And I've asked new team members to provide details of where they found our ads/LCP - Facebook so far is the most popular answer!

If you haven't created your own Internet marketing or AIOP Facebook fan page yet, you're missing out on lots of naturally interested prospects.  Most people will know that for most of my income opportunities you will find that I have a Facebook page.  There are several reasons for this including...
  • Building An Online Presence
  • Getting Traffic
  • Network Growth
  • Search Engine Rankings
To start making the most out of the AIOP compensation plan, I strongly advise you to...
  • Create a Facebook account, it's FREE (fill out your profile and ensure you include links to your LCP)
  • Start making friends in Internet marketing Facebook groups (see the groups list at the bottom of the above page) - don't go crazy, 10 - 20 new friends a day is enough
  • Create a Facebook fan page, it's easy - see instructions in my guide (see the sample ads at the bottom of this page)
The more regularly you post on your page, the more news feeds your message will go out on.  And remember you posts don't always have to be about your business.  A popular news item or recent event will stand out on people's news feeds and they may LIKE your page if that's where they saw the post.  This person will have their own network of friends, but because they LIKEd your page, your post will show on all these people's news feeds - so you can now see how your LCP link can be virally spread using Facebook.

Below is an interesting read and useful tips to expand the reach of your posts via Facebook...

And don't forget, once you have a decent fan base and a large reach (check your pages Insights), you can promote your best posts for a small fee to help it reach a larger number of news feeds of your fans.


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