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Saturday, 15 December 2012

New Passive Income Opportunity - AffilaShare, Join FREE & Include in Your Autoresponder!

AffilaShare is in Pre-Launch.

There is much testing of the system in progress, which means some areas of the site are still under maintenance.  However you can join FREE and start building a downline, in this program.  The aim here is to maintain focus on your AIOP business, but provide you with a FREE passive income stream.

Registering as a FREE affiliate for AffilaShare and including the email below in your AIOP autoresponder, should enable you to build a downline and earn commissions on their spend.  These commissions can then be withdrawn or used to purchase products for which you will receive a daily cash back rebate, just for posting one ad per day.

Join FREE here...

To see all updates and my progress, please visit my Facebook page below...

Remember, you don't have to buy products to earn, just include the following email in your AIOP autoresponder...

Subject: Just Launched... Exciting New RevShare Designed For Your Success
Interval: 10

Congratulations  [[fixfirstname]]

You just discovered Revenue sharing done right. 

Introducing Affilashare! 

Have you ever dreamed of being in the right place at the right time? 

Everyone Earns 
*Passive or active, *f*r*e*e* members too 

Revenue Sharing 
*Every product purchase easily qualifies for revenue sharing. Just place one ad a day to qualify. Anyone can do that right? 

25% Sales Commissions 
*Commissions are paid on three levels 
10% on level one 
10% on level two 
5% on level three 

Real Products 
*Cutting edge Eproducts help build your business 

*Our 50/50 split business model ensures sustainability. Earn on your referral's purchases and repurchases too! 

Effortless Repeat Commissions 
*Every 10 days we release a new product that your referrals can't wait to get helping you make recurring commissions on autopilot! That's HOT! 

Random Referral Award System 
*Your Admin Team is working for you. Random referrals are awarded to upgraded members. Don't wait upgrade today! 

Get Your Share. Join Affilashare today! 


PS: Top marketers and program owners are beating Down the door to get in! Now is the time to get Your Share... Affilashare! 
Join Now

As always, please do test any email you ad to your autoresponder to ensure it's formatted as you'd like.

Team Mobilbo Support

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