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Monday, 28 January 2013

I Promised a Third... And, It's Coming!

It's been a while since I last posted.  My apologies, there have been several distractions.  

Aside from managing some 20+ programs, sourcing traffic for 2 team builds, supporting members and managing 2 offline ventures, there's also the constant need to keep an eye on the IM market place.

However, I am making space (and have started) to develop the third AIOP LCP, only this one will be a little different.  It will stand alone on its own shared campaign and incorporate more than just the AIOP system.  It will include all new pre-written emails in the autoresponder, a passive income element and the system will be designed in such a way that the passive element is interchangeable - I feel this is necessary given the fragility in the IM industry of late.

The system will have its own LCP pages (not from the main website), but will include many of the resources.  It will be structured in such a way that is easy for your prospects to follow, with precise instructions on how to make the system run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible such that there will always be money available and no AIOP subscriptions will fail.

I'm calling it Fortune 50 as it will be based on a total investment of $50.  It won't alienate members who don't have $50 to invest, but the concept is such that the passive element will cover the cost of AIOP basic membership as well as allowing you and your referrals the opportunity to build the passive stream higher on a daily basis.

This is work in progress, but you can get a sneak preview of the unfinished lead capture page here...

I will again included a team splash page with rotating links to help drive free referrals into your AIOP business.  So you will still need to direct your referrals to me for the campaign ID so I can included them in the rotator and record their email address to make sure everyone is kept up to date on any changes or additions to the campaign that might mean you'll just have to reload it.

I haven't a timeframe on the completion and delivery yet, but I'll get it rolled out as soon as I possibly can.

Watch This Space


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Have You Ever Seen Growth Like This in a New Income Opportunity

Yes this is a promotional post, but not without good reason!
This company is not in pre-launch until February 1st.  
They don't even have their product ready, but people are scrambling like crazy to get into this program.
Tell me, do you know of any online business that has attracted 15,000+ members in its first 9 days?
iLA is uniting network marketing with the rapidly expanding mobile applications industry.  This is a first and companies who do this often reap huge rewards.
This is your chance to be at the forefront of an Internet marketing phenomenon.  At the time of writing I have a team of 46... in now 7 days of being a member.  We are under the top recruiter in the program and we are generating spillover, so you're highly likely to get help from your upline's efforts.
But... we also have a high converting marketing system that has been developed to help even the least experienced marketer to build an increasing monthly residual income.  This does everything for you except place the ads, but hey, anyone can do that right!?
I've even created a Facebook page where the team can communicate and drive fans right to their iLA affiliate URLs.  With this much help and resource available, your success is all but guaranteed.
You Seriously Don't Want to Miss This!
Join Me Today,

Thursday, 10 January 2013

More Bang For Your Buck!!!

As you may or may not know, AIOP moved to new servers.  This process took them about 24 hours.  In all my experience online, whenever an admin talks of moving servers, they have been offline for a number of days or more than a week. 

This to me, highlights not only the technical ability of the admin team, but their commitment to us as members.  This is just one of the reasons, even that I participate in numerous opportunities, I have huge faith in AIOP.  Everything I've seen, all the contact I've had and all the services they have given are what you would expect to receive... and we do.

So, how can we get more out of AIOP?

Firstly, and I know I keep going on about it, but an important factor is member retention.  We want to stay in this program because every month we are getting paid.  Therefore we have to work as a team. 

While I promote and support everyone by sending traffic to my team rotator splash page, my strategy for you as individual members focuses on a team of just two - you and your first downline member.  The beauty of this is that you can start at any time, doesn't have to be right from the beginning.  You have a LCP that when advertised consistently will get you prospects and upgraded referrals (it's just about how consistent you are).  Once you have your first downline member, you should focus on referring for them and them only (of course any traffic you can send to the team splash page is also appreciated). 

As everyone in your downline starts to duplicate this process, not only will you retain members, but you will also earn more commissions, month after month.  I wrote a guide on this process at the following link and strongly recommend you share it with your downline members - but you only need to work with your first.

The second thing we all need, is traffic and lots of it.  There are numerous ways to do this, but we want to save time and money while driving interested people to our websites. 

RicanAdFunds Equals Phenomenal Advertising & Returns

One such way is to participate in ad package programs.  And I believe RicanAdFunds gives you the the 'Most Bang For Your Buck'. 

Each ad pack costs $15 and gives you...

- 5000 Header Banner (486 x 60) Impressions,
- 5000 Feature Banner (125 x 125) Impressions
- 5000 Feature Text Ad Impressions

That's a lot of impressions. 

But, you also earn 2$ per day on each ad pack for 125 days.  So 125 days at $0.30 return gives you $37.5 which is a 250% ROI.  The more ad packs you purchase, the more impressions you get and the more money you earn.

You can find the team banners at the following link.  Please use the URLs of the GIF banners and make your target URL either your AIOP affiliate link or your Team Mobilbo LCP link.

Following the above strategies, will open up two streams of income, one from AIOP and one from RicanAdFunds.  You can use the solo ad copy in their promotional centre and add it to your autoresponder so all your AIOP prospects see it too.  This will likely drive a proportion of them into your RicanAdFunds downline and earn you referral commissions from that.

Stay focussed, remain consistent and you will succeed!

Team Mobilbo

Saturday, 5 January 2013

How To Retain Your AIOP Downline

I've had a quiet moment to think about how to solve the age old problem of member retention.  For the less experienced among us, this means, being able to keep people in your downline and paying to you.  AIOP has an excellent compensation system and if you work it correctly, your monthly residual payments will keep coming and keep on growing.

My first solution (the team splash page) is one that works well as it delivers FREE members without prejudice to everyone in the team.  Even though several of you are benefiting from this it's not a perfect solution as it cannot 100% guarantee that when a visitor clicks the 'Get Started Now' button' they will land on your page - it is random.

So how do we go about making sure you get new members in your downline that keep on paying to you month after month? 

Well, firstly you should understand that unlike many other programs on the market just now, AIOP is not revenue sharing and not passive - although if you build your downlines successfully and encourage duplication your income will be truly on autopilot.  You have to refer members to earn, which is why I provide all the additional tools, resources and guidance to help you achieve this.

A lot of programs and systems talk about receiving being a by-product of giving.  Sounds crazy right?  In order to receive you have to give!  Hear me out.... it's not as crazy as you think and it changes nothing about how you earn in AIOP, but it will GUARANTEE you keep the very first member you refer and all the members he or she passes up to you if you work with that one person and tell them how to duplicate what you did to get them in the first place.

I'm not talking about managing huge teams of people.  I'm talking about working with just your first ever downline member in AIOP.  This is the most important person in your organisation.  Not your upline, not your passed up downline members, just that one very first person you refer. 

IF... you show that person where to get their LCP and how or where you used your LCP to refer them and advise them to employ the same system I am about to show you at the following link, you will build an increasing monthly income with AIOP.

Always Seeking Solutions For Your Success,


Friday, 4 January 2013

Spotlight On All In One Profits

How many times have we experienced down time in programs where the reason is detailed as 'server upgrades'. This seems to always be a delaying tactic by admins who for one reason or other are having other difficulties with their program.

By now, and from the last update, you should know that AIOP upgraded their servers seamlessly... we didn't even know it happened! And, they have also renewed their domain until 2022.  Apart from the aforementioned items, there is also their continued high level performance as an admin team and the functioning of the program and compensation plan that shines bright.

Therefore I have highlighted AIOP on my website as a Featured Program... has been improving rapidly in Alexa Rankings and I'm working on driving more traffic to it.  You will notice that AIOP features heavily on the revised Mobilbo site -on several pages: 'Feature Business', 'Income Opportunities', 'Team Build', 'Resources' and via banners throughout the site.

This will help to drive traffic to the team splash page as Mobilbo grows and receives more visitors. 

Having integrated my Facebook Guide and other resources into the Mobilbo site (each headed up with an AIOP banner), I am now able to share a link freely with anyone that asks me how I drive traffic and referrals into my businesses.  and when they visit that link, they will see AIOP promoted in the main viewing area (scrolling frame).

Other News

You may have noticed I added SocialCPA to the blog and it also feature on the Mobilbo site (I will soon be adding a 'Social Networking' page to the main menu).  This is a FREE social network that allows you to earn 10% commissions on sales from people within your 'book of business'.

I recommend joining as a FREE member, then sharing with all you friends.  As your 'book of business' contacts grows virally, you may find that you either refer more people into your other businesses (via your profile etc) or even receive commissions from sales in your SocialCPA network.  At this point, you can decide whether or not to upgrade your account.