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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fortune 50 System Nearing Completion!

In my last update I alluded to the fact that I was working on a new lead capture system that would stand alone, separate to  I actually wanted to keep everything in one place, but considered that having all the resources and LCP setup on my main site might be causing too many distractions.

So F50 will be a site in itself, like the original AIOP site (which admittedly was thrown together rather quickly), but of a higher quality and with greater appeal.  The new F50 LCP you've seen is more eye-catching and more compelling.  Therefore the LCP setup and resources area had to match it - so that's what I've been working on.

The team resources area now follows the theme/colour scheme of the LCP.  I've had to develop this in phases and consider it was worth taking some time over.  The phase I've just completed was to transfer the content from the original resources area over to the new design as it is still relevant.  I will be adding classified ad copy, more email ads, traffic and email exchanges etc etc.  With the new site design this will be easier to do.

I've also added a member lookup form.  This will facilitate the serving of your Profitable Sunrise URL to your new AIOP members.  For those of you who don't yet know, the F50 concept is about building multiple income streams and hence we encourage our new team members to invest in our passive program (Profitable sunrise).  This is not mandatory, but the benefit to your referral is that their AIOP monthly subscription is covered and the benefit to you is that you start to accumulate your Profitable Sunrise balance/income as well as increasing your AIOP commissions.

If you don't already have a Profitable Sunrise account, please create one here...

In order for the member lookup to work, I'm going to need each of you visit the new LCP area and complete STEP 2, which collects AIOP & Profitable Sunrise data.  This information will be recorded in a database, so when your new upgraded AIOP member starts their LCP setup, they will be given your Profitable Sunrise link to signup at.

Please visit the following URL and complete STEP 2 only...  (your sponsor's AIOP ID is on the 'Show referrals' page in your AIOP back office)

When you have done this, please advise all your active referrals (whether they are under you or your upline) to visit this blog and read this update.  They will also visit the above link and do the same.

Outstanding tasks
I will be getting some new F50 banners made up, but the old Team Mobilbo banners are still available for use.

So far I've not included the videos, but I will look to record a new one in the near future that is relevant to F50 as a system rather than any of the programs in it. 

And then there are the new follow-up emails to complete, format and load into the system.

Once these tasks are all done and I have everyone's details in the database, I will send another update with the new 4-digit campaign ID to everyone in the database (which should be our entire team).

Finally, I should be adding a new screenshot around 18th February with some accompanying text.  This might end up being the actual F50 go live date (depending on progress), but I'll keep you all informed once I have a firm ETA for the roll out.

Working Hard For Your Success,