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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Converting Prospects & Your FREE Referrals, Plus [[fixfirstname]] Resolution

When you receive notification that you have a new prospect its a great feeling.  But... your job is not done.  You still need that prospect to know that behind the automated response is a real person.  I've already mentioned following up personally with your prospect, so they know they are not in this alone.  Remember a couple of example emails are in the LCP area at the following link...

I have personally found that this method does work and have a few upgraded team members, simply because I followed up with them to let them know they would be supported and receive a whole host of services for FREE that will help them build their AIOP business.

The other thing you should do is check your back office for FREE referrals.  These are your referrals only.  Therefore, you can release a little more information about the system.  For example, you can advise them that they will get their AIOP affiliate link in the team splash page rotator, which... gives them a chance to get free referrals and referral income.  Do advise them not to just focus on the FREE aspect, as in order to succeed online they have to put the time into marketing their LCP.

You can also show your free referrals the LCP area, or send them the link.  Although all links in the LCP point to the tea splash page, you cannot lose your referrals (pass-up yes, but not lose - they are still your referrals). 

And, thanks to Rainer who appears, with the help of the admin to have solved the [[fixfirstname]] issue.  It appears that we might need an extra space between the greeting and the tag.  Although my emails are written with a space, I will be amending the autoresponder emails in the LCP are to have an additional space, perhaps after the tag also.

RevTrix Update

The ad units I purchased appear to by earning as normal, with a percentage being retained for repurchases.  The banner ads only recorded a low 0.38% click though rate (CTR) and the text ads even less at 0.19% for leads oriented text ad and 0.23% for income oriented text ad.  So in turns of driving traffic, the results were not great, unless of course every click resulted in an upgraded referral, which I can verifiy as I'm advertising the team splash page.

However, that isn't to say you won't have successful clicks there, but I think this is going to generate more money from participation in its program than driving traffic and referral income into AIOP.  I'll continue monitoring this until I have a successful withdrawal and let you know once that occurs.

I've had a few other advertising resources advised to me.  For the moment I'll take my time and have a look at them, I have to budget carefully to ensure I can test as much as possible any means of getting consistent traffic to the team splash page.


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