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Friday, 27 September 2013

It's Been a Long time... I Have Been Busy!

Wow, it's crazy just how much time making money online can take up, especially when you're supporting so many things. 

In May I actually launched my own little income opportunity which was received very well and has been making a lot of people a decent extra income.  Instant pay programs are all the rage and this is the path I chose, enabling 100% commissions to members.  I called it...

And I've actually just launched a new system that enables customers and affiliates to share in the traffic generates on it and the 5DollarWonder site above.  In fact this...  125ads and 5DollarWonder work together as two opportunities for the price of one.

Join one and you can earn from both!

I've actually been turning over a consistent $1,700 - $2,000 since May (actually making $2,500+ in less then 3 days with 5DollarWonder

Both programs operate on the PaySpree platform, which enable you to market any program in its marketplace with the same user ID.  If I choose to launch any more opportunities, any affiliates of my either of the above 2 programs will be able to market them FREE!

Besides my own programs, AIOP continues to pay a consistent $500+ per month.  This would have been maybe triple had I focussed sole on my own efforts, but I spent a lot of time supporting my team build. 

Speaking of team builds, I'm just starting a new one for Forced-Income.  Given the popularity of instant pay member to member programs, the reliability of the admin (David Taylor) and the nice $325,320 maximum earnings, I decided to develop a team rotator that gives everyone their first 2 paid signups and builds the organisation consistently and evenly.  Actually, at the time of writing, I'm considering my marketing approach and will hit it hard this weekend.

MyfunLife was voted #1 business and the team build there is moving at a stead pace also.  I include all my upgraded referrals in a weighted rotator.  This aims to get upgraded referrals their first 3 paid signups and then reduces the number of entries in the rotator in favour of new members or those with less than 3 in their organisation.

I could go one, there are way to many opportunities.  I actually binned Empower Network and Ez Money Formula as I just didn't have enough time to work them.  Maybe I'll revisit them later but with the performance 125ads and 5DollarWonder, it's unlikely to be anytime too soon.

Once things start to settle a bit, I'll try to get back to this blogging business on a more regular basis.  Facebook has kind of taken over where updates are concerned because it's useful source of FREE traffic, but I'll perhaps look to bring everything back under the Blogger roof in the near future.

Working hard as always!