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Sunday, 16 December 2012

How To Start Earning Quickly with AIOP or Any Online Business

AIOP is one of the simplest programs for anyone to get started with and to begin earning quickly. Regardless of whether you have or have not earned a single dollar with online marketing in the past, that will all change with AIOP and the Team Mobilbo Marketing System.

AIOP is not a forced matrix type program that can generate spillover, where you can naturally directly benefit from your upline member's efforts.  You are required to advertise to build your downline and your income.  That said, I have made it possible to benefit from the team's efforts via the team splash page (with rotator) and several members have already acquired FREE upgraded referrals who have earned them money.

Furthermore, you have a very compelling and high converting Lead Capture Page (LCP) at your disposal, so do make good use of it and see the results it will help you achieve.  I have provided some useful resources in the LCP area that you can use immediately to start marketing your LCP.

With any online business, you can earn one of two ways: 

  • By waiting for success
  • Achieving your own success
The first option, as always, will take longer to generate results.  It simply requires that you be patient while you wait for the team splash page to produce results for you.

The second option requires you to set your goals and empower yourself to achieve them.  Regardless of the quality of the program or the tools, the one common denominator is yourself.  And program can deliver good results if you apply yourself to the task of attaining them.

If you are truly serious about quickly building an online income, you should begin by doing all of the following as quickly as possible: 

  • Contact your existing fellow marketers, friends, and associates to tell them about The Online Ad Network. Give them your Affiliate URL. (No spamming)
  • Reply to email ads that you receive with information about The Online Ad Network. Give them your Affiliate URL and let them know that if they are truly serious about building their business, they need to join you in The Online Ad Network right away!
  • Participate in traffic exchanges with your Capture Page / Affiliate URL.
  • Participate in Safelists and promote your Capture Page / Affiliate URL.
  • If you have an ad budget, consider Solo Ads and Keyword Advertising.
  • Participate in appropriate discussion forums where you can add your Affiliate link to your profile and posts.
  • Share your Capture Page / Affiliate URL in your Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc...
  • Ask your upline for advice. They are successful for a reason!
Be prepared to commit to your success.  Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day replying to email offers, posting to safelists, surfing traffic exchanges, etc...

You can build a powerful income stream by letting everyone you have contact with know about our marketing system and AIOP's products and services.


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