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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Some Advertising Resource Stats

I've tested a few paid resources these last few days, but because they are for the team splash page it's difficult to tell if they have resulted in upgraded members.  The testing hasn't been as scientific as I'd like, but some of you guys have been keeping me busy - so congratulations to those getting upgraded referrals.

One of these resources is The Online Ad Network (TOAN).  It's a paid resource, but you get a 15 day FREE trial.  I'm 7 days in now and according to the stats, I can confirm (on this network at least), the 468x60 banner is performing the best at 20% CTR (2 clicks out of 10 impressions). Maybe I will continue (after day 15)  and pay for this resource to test it further.  It would be interesting to see the CTR with more impressions.

So if you intend to use the banners for either your own marketing or for the team, this one seems to perform better than the 125x125 (maybe its the fact it has a graphical image on it. Based on that, if you find an exchange that allows the 728x90 banner size, maybe this will also perform well given it had two graphical images.

With regard to RevTrix, I purchased 7 positions today, so we'll see what their return is tomorrow. One of our team has invested in one position and I can confirm a referral commission has been credited to my account.  In terms of advertising the CTR is 0.34%, way way way lower than TOAN. This indicates to me that people in this program are more focussed on the income than the advertising (who can blame them), so it might not be the best ad resource for our AIOP LCPs and team splash page.

Sadly ProfitClicking appears to be worsening.  After adding the team splash page URL 11 days ago, I've only received 17 impressions.  That's not to say the impressions were not valuable ones, but realistically its a very poor showing.  Add to that URLs I've added 2 and 4 days ago have had no impressions.

Paradox Cash, like ProfitClicking (PC) only shows impressions and not clicks.  But considering I only joined (and upgraded) on the 6th of December you can see for a lifetime $4 membership, the impressions blow PC out of the water!  The most impressions as you can see go to the 728x90 banner.  Again these are pointing at the team splash page, but I may duplicate the 3 banners and track them back to my own LCP to enable me to see the results more easily. 

Again you can earn a small commission here on upgraded referrals.  I'll give an update on the tracking stats at a later date.  They also offer video advertising, but I've yet to try this - it takes you to their video marketing site.  I'll test this when I get chance.

If you're using the banners to point to your own LCPs, please do remember to use the GIF banners as the Flash ones will automatically redirect visitors to the team splash page. 

Ok, that's it for now.  Until the next update, if I don't speak to you before.


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