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Friday, 4 January 2013

Spotlight On All In One Profits

How many times have we experienced down time in programs where the reason is detailed as 'server upgrades'. This seems to always be a delaying tactic by admins who for one reason or other are having other difficulties with their program.

By now, and from the last update, you should know that AIOP upgraded their servers seamlessly... we didn't even know it happened! And, they have also renewed their domain until 2022.  Apart from the aforementioned items, there is also their continued high level performance as an admin team and the functioning of the program and compensation plan that shines bright.

Therefore I have highlighted AIOP on my website as a Featured Program... has been improving rapidly in Alexa Rankings and I'm working on driving more traffic to it.  You will notice that AIOP features heavily on the revised Mobilbo site -on several pages: 'Feature Business', 'Income Opportunities', 'Team Build', 'Resources' and via banners throughout the site.

This will help to drive traffic to the team splash page as Mobilbo grows and receives more visitors. 

Having integrated my Facebook Guide and other resources into the Mobilbo site (each headed up with an AIOP banner), I am now able to share a link freely with anyone that asks me how I drive traffic and referrals into my businesses.  and when they visit that link, they will see AIOP promoted in the main viewing area (scrolling frame).

Other News

You may have noticed I added SocialCPA to the blog and it also feature on the Mobilbo site (I will soon be adding a 'Social Networking' page to the main menu).  This is a FREE social network that allows you to earn 10% commissions on sales from people within your 'book of business'.

I recommend joining as a FREE member, then sharing with all you friends.  As your 'book of business' contacts grows virally, you may find that you either refer more people into your other businesses (via your profile etc) or even receive commissions from sales in your SocialCPA network.  At this point, you can decide whether or not to upgrade your account.


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