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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Have You Ever Seen Growth Like This in a New Income Opportunity

Yes this is a promotional post, but not without good reason!
This company is not in pre-launch until February 1st.  
They don't even have their product ready, but people are scrambling like crazy to get into this program.
Tell me, do you know of any online business that has attracted 15,000+ members in its first 9 days?
iLA is uniting network marketing with the rapidly expanding mobile applications industry.  This is a first and companies who do this often reap huge rewards.
This is your chance to be at the forefront of an Internet marketing phenomenon.  At the time of writing I have a team of 46... in now 7 days of being a member.  We are under the top recruiter in the program and we are generating spillover, so you're highly likely to get help from your upline's efforts.
But... we also have a high converting marketing system that has been developed to help even the least experienced marketer to build an increasing monthly residual income.  This does everything for you except place the ads, but hey, anyone can do that right!?
I've even created a Facebook page where the team can communicate and drive fans right to their iLA affiliate URLs.  With this much help and resource available, your success is all but guaranteed.
You Seriously Don't Want to Miss This!
Join Me Today,

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