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Thursday, 10 January 2013

More Bang For Your Buck!!!

As you may or may not know, AIOP moved to new servers.  This process took them about 24 hours.  In all my experience online, whenever an admin talks of moving servers, they have been offline for a number of days or more than a week. 

This to me, highlights not only the technical ability of the admin team, but their commitment to us as members.  This is just one of the reasons, even that I participate in numerous opportunities, I have huge faith in AIOP.  Everything I've seen, all the contact I've had and all the services they have given are what you would expect to receive... and we do.

So, how can we get more out of AIOP?

Firstly, and I know I keep going on about it, but an important factor is member retention.  We want to stay in this program because every month we are getting paid.  Therefore we have to work as a team. 

While I promote and support everyone by sending traffic to my team rotator splash page, my strategy for you as individual members focuses on a team of just two - you and your first downline member.  The beauty of this is that you can start at any time, doesn't have to be right from the beginning.  You have a LCP that when advertised consistently will get you prospects and upgraded referrals (it's just about how consistent you are).  Once you have your first downline member, you should focus on referring for them and them only (of course any traffic you can send to the team splash page is also appreciated). 

As everyone in your downline starts to duplicate this process, not only will you retain members, but you will also earn more commissions, month after month.  I wrote a guide on this process at the following link and strongly recommend you share it with your downline members - but you only need to work with your first.

The second thing we all need, is traffic and lots of it.  There are numerous ways to do this, but we want to save time and money while driving interested people to our websites. 

RicanAdFunds Equals Phenomenal Advertising & Returns

One such way is to participate in ad package programs.  And I believe RicanAdFunds gives you the the 'Most Bang For Your Buck'. 

Each ad pack costs $15 and gives you...

- 5000 Header Banner (486 x 60) Impressions,
- 5000 Feature Banner (125 x 125) Impressions
- 5000 Feature Text Ad Impressions

That's a lot of impressions. 

But, you also earn 2$ per day on each ad pack for 125 days.  So 125 days at $0.30 return gives you $37.5 which is a 250% ROI.  The more ad packs you purchase, the more impressions you get and the more money you earn.

You can find the team banners at the following link.  Please use the URLs of the GIF banners and make your target URL either your AIOP affiliate link or your Team Mobilbo LCP link.

Following the above strategies, will open up two streams of income, one from AIOP and one from RicanAdFunds.  You can use the solo ad copy in their promotional centre and add it to your autoresponder so all your AIOP prospects see it too.  This will likely drive a proportion of them into your RicanAdFunds downline and earn you referral commissions from that.

Stay focussed, remain consistent and you will succeed!

Team Mobilbo

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