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Saturday, 5 January 2013

How To Retain Your AIOP Downline

I've had a quiet moment to think about how to solve the age old problem of member retention.  For the less experienced among us, this means, being able to keep people in your downline and paying to you.  AIOP has an excellent compensation system and if you work it correctly, your monthly residual payments will keep coming and keep on growing.

My first solution (the team splash page) is one that works well as it delivers FREE members without prejudice to everyone in the team.  Even though several of you are benefiting from this it's not a perfect solution as it cannot 100% guarantee that when a visitor clicks the 'Get Started Now' button' they will land on your page - it is random.

So how do we go about making sure you get new members in your downline that keep on paying to you month after month? 

Well, firstly you should understand that unlike many other programs on the market just now, AIOP is not revenue sharing and not passive - although if you build your downlines successfully and encourage duplication your income will be truly on autopilot.  You have to refer members to earn, which is why I provide all the additional tools, resources and guidance to help you achieve this.

A lot of programs and systems talk about receiving being a by-product of giving.  Sounds crazy right?  In order to receive you have to give!  Hear me out.... it's not as crazy as you think and it changes nothing about how you earn in AIOP, but it will GUARANTEE you keep the very first member you refer and all the members he or she passes up to you if you work with that one person and tell them how to duplicate what you did to get them in the first place.

I'm not talking about managing huge teams of people.  I'm talking about working with just your first ever downline member in AIOP.  This is the most important person in your organisation.  Not your upline, not your passed up downline members, just that one very first person you refer. 

IF... you show that person where to get their LCP and how or where you used your LCP to refer them and advise them to employ the same system I am about to show you at the following link, you will build an increasing monthly income with AIOP.

Always Seeking Solutions For Your Success,


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