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Saturday, 6 April 2013

We Got Paid By iLA!

If you made the decision to join iLA and build your business during January, February and March you will now see the fruits of your labour in your iLA eWallet.

April 5th was pay day and lots of people earned lots of money!

The matrix commissions were for the month of February and the coded bonuses were from March.  Next pay day you will get commissions for both March and April - a double commission run!

More great news...

The AWESOME coded bonuses will be paid weekly.  I got that straight from  the COO of iLA Matt Walcott.  So not only will you get paid monthly residual commissions, but will get weekly coded bonuses commissions in your eWallet.

If you don't understand how coded bonuses works, revisit the iLA website and watch the compensation plan video again.  Basically once you get your 3 personal associates, you earn instant bonuses on every new personal associate you refer and every associate they refer... to INFINITY!

Did you get that..?  Code bonuses to infinity!

Can you imagine earning instant commissions from everyone your personal downline refer to iLA?  That's HUGE!

If you didn't join iLA back then, it doesn't matter.  You can still join now and start building a massive residual income.

And...  I'm also working on some things to help my downline!

I have developed a new splash page here...

(click 'Sign Up Now' to see it in action)

This is based on a proven high converting design that I've previously used to get lot of referrals in other programs.  Every active iLA associate in my downline can have their own copy of this splash page FREE!

But that's not all.  I'm going to be developing a rotator that will serve everyone's iLA associate URL behind the big 'Sign Up Now' button.  This means my entire downline will have the opportunity to get FREE iLA referrals, which will not only boost their monthly residual income, but also earn them instant coded bonuses as I drive traffic to the rotator.

The rotator will be placed on my own splash page above.  So I will essentially be recruiting for all my downline.  This will be something you can use to help convert your prospects into iLA associates - by simply offering them a FREE high converting splash page to help build their business.

For only $9.95 a month we have an enormous earning potential and it's very duplicable.  All anyone needs to do, is find 3 referrals.

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