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Thursday, 12 December 2013

AWESOME Instant Cash & Monthly Residual Income Combo

What do you get when you combine a high converting marketing system with a reliable even up residual compensation plan..?

A Life Without Limits!!

First some stats:
All In One Profits (AIOP) - Consistently withdrawing $500+ per month

Instant Leads and Income (ILAI)  - Generated over $1,000 in instant PayPal payments in only 15 days

Let me explain how it works...

Instant leads and Income costs just $10 (one-time).  You get a series of lead capture pages and sales pages plus a whole bunch of advertising sources, pre-written ads, banners and training etc.  For just $10, its a great system.

But, and their is a but... the basic system can get you the conversions and make you the money, but it doesn't include an autoresponder.

Now you might be wondering why this is a problem if you're making money?

Good question!

But as you know, not everyone you show the system to will upgrade or become a paid member.  And because this is a one-time hit, you need to keep marketing daily (which is good practice by the way) to maintain that cash flow.  This can be hard work unless you have a good advertising budget.

So, ideally... if you don't get the upgraded member, you at least want to capture their name and email address for future mailings.  With the basic ILAI system, you can't do that!

Now... there are upgrade options (I paid $80+ for the ILAI follow-up emails and have to pay $30/month for my Aweber autoresponder), but if you're short on cash, then you're stuck with the manual approach, which entails recording and sending follow up emails to each and every lead that's delivered to your inbox (boring). 

Trust me, it's better if you have an autoresponder to do that!

My solution...

As I mentioned above, I have set up my own system.   It actually resides on the All In One Profits (AIOP) platform.  The beauty of this is that I can make my campaigns shared, which simply means my referrals can get a copy of my lead capture pages and follow-up emails without having to do any lengthy setup - I simply send you a 4-digit code, you complete 5 fields on a form and you have your own marketing system up and ready to run in 5 minutes flat!

Now of course there are costs, but it's cheaper than the Instant Leads and Income upgrade (which in itself  doesn't include the cost of your autoresponder as I mentioned above).  And I'd be extremely surprised if you marketed daily with my setup and didn't make profit within the first week or so!

So, your participation in Instant Leads and Income would cost $10 one time.  And as I mentioned, what you get access to straight away is worth way more than that!  So it's a good deal, even for just the basic system.

But you want to get off and running with everything in place to make your life easier and to achieve greater conversions .  And this is where AIOP comes in. 

This... is where you can build an unlimited monthly residual income!

You can become an AIOP member for $11.50 per month.  This gives you a HUGE amount of marketing resources and tools.  I could go into detail, but I won't here, I appreciate that time is money and don't want to keep you longer than is necessary - but you get a heck of a lot for $11.50 per month.

So your combined start-up cost would be a total of $21.50 with an ongoing $11.50 monthly subscription to AIOP.  And this gives you the Instant Leads and Income basic marketing system, training and resources, but on top of that you get a pre-built lead capture page and autoresponder campaign that follows up and closes sales on your behalf and also helps to build you an increasing monthly income.

You see, AIOP has it's own compensation plan.  It's an EVEN UP system.  Basically you earn 100% commissions on anyone in your AIOP downline (regardless of who put them there - so your downline helps you earn too).  The odd numbered referrals stay in your line and the even numbered referrals are passed up to your sponsor - imagine your downline passing up paid members to you.

This is actually a phenomenal system to combine with Instant leads and Income. 


Because when your Instant leads and Income referrals upgrade and pay you $10, they're going to want to get the same lead capture system you are using (because they know it works, that's what got them to join).  And you know what that means... they're going to have to join YOU in AIOP (to get the lead capture system)...

"Cha ching!!!"  

That right there is how you build your monthly residual income of the back of a high-converting $10 one-time opportunity, that builds your list!

You get paid instantly to your PayPal account for ILAI and then month residuals from AIOP  - A pretty awesome deal don't you think?

I've been an AIOP member for a year now and am consistently withdrawing $500+ per month, so I have absolutely no doubt  about their reliability (payouts in under 24 hours, sometimes in seconds).  I started marketing ILAI on the 21st of November and have made $1,060, so there is no question the system converts, especially with my lead capture pages (there are 3 available).

It's a pretty powerful combination if you ask me and... very cheap too!

So... if I haven't actually bored you by now and you'd be interested in building a list fast and collecting not only instant $10 payments, but also building monthly residuals at the same time with AIOP (optional), then please complete the following (see the capture page you'll get)...

[1] Join me in Instant Leads and Income...

[2] Join me in AIOP...

Remember AIOP membership is optional, but I highly recommend it to capture your ILAI leads, who will then receive up to 37 follow up emails detailing the benefits of the system.

Once you've upgraded, send me an email with your username(s) so I can give you the campaign code and instructions to get your autoresponder setup.

I've been using both these systems independently with great success and know the combination of the two is capable of building you a full-time income from the comfort of your home with a little effort...

How can I be so confident..? Because, I'm doing it!

Duplicate my effort and start building a significant income today!

Partner With Me Today For Success!


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