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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Let's make a side by side comparison of High Risk High Return (3% HYIP) against Low Cost High Potential Return (iLA) and see what makes the most sense!

[1] Actual results from iLA:

Joined in January 2013, first subscriptions paid from February 2013
56 total personally referred, currently 44 active referrals = 78% member retention
2 x monthly subscriptions at $9.95 = $19.90 (covering 60 days)
February commissions = $164.66 (see here:
Return: 827.4% ROI in 60 days (actually 1477%+ ROI in 30 days)

[2] Projected Results from 3% HYIP:

60 days earning 3% of a $10 ad pack = $18
60 days earning 3% of 2 x $10 ad packs = $36
$164.66 buys you 16 x $10 ad packs and returns $4.8 per day
If this program collapses, member retention = 0%
Return: 100% ROI  in 34 days

Where are they now?

Recent events (since last August 2012) would seem to suggest that even the most popular revenue share and HYIP programs are becoming a greater risk to your hard earned money.  Of course, as I have always said, these programs have their place, but at what cost..?

Profitable Sunrise, RicanAdFunds, MEGA Money Hybrid, FastCashMega and HourlyRevShare are the current hotly debated topics.  These have all been presented by admin teams with good track records of fast and regular payments.  These were once known as the 'sure shots', the guaranteed winners.  But recent events have left a very bad taste in our mouths and undermined our trust in such ventures.

And some of the lesser known high return programs have disappeared within a few months (one last year disappeared 4 days after launch with $1276 of my money).

Thinking Longer Term:

So lets draw the comparison between such programs and an MLM with an approved product and a low monthly subscription (yes, I'm talking about iLA).

$160 would buy you 16 months subscription with iLA.  Would you agree that 16 months is long enough for even the most newbie of newbies to find 3 referrals, who find 3 referrals who find 3 referrals and so on? 

I think so!

That would result in $2,511+ monthly residual income.  Let's think about that for a second.  Potentially building a $2.5K income that keeps coming month after month just by referring 3 people.  You would never have to refer another person to make that $2.5K income a reality. But... if you get a taste for referring, the bonuses are HUGE!

How long do you think the next high return program will last? 

Profitable Sunrise ran from November 2011 to March 2013 (16 months).  Putting $19.90 into the Private plan at 2.17% per day back in November 2011 would have returned you $164+ after 381 days, but you wouldn't have seen any return because the program disappeared in that 16th Month.

All the others are struggling or offline already and have been running for much less time (perhaps with the exception of FastCashMega).

In iLA it took just 60 days to earn $164+.  In fact, it took less because $147 of that $164+ was for February only. So I'm looking at $150 a month for just 3 monthly subscriptions at $9.95 ($29.85 total). That's 1500%+ ROI.  Not too many HYIP or revenue share programs will last anywhere near long enough to pay you that from a $30 investment.

Do You Get The Picture?

iLA or any other good product/service driven program gives you the potential to earn much more for less investment of your money.  Yes you do have to invest time and be consistent with your marketing efforts, but the reward is a much higher ROI than any HYIP. 

You effectively invest your money slower, over a longer period of time.  This in itself is a great way to minimise your potential losses (see example below).  As always, the quicker the return, the higher the risk of loss! 

Don't be totally blinded by the promise of rapid high returns!

Consider this...

If someone said they could almost 100% guarantee you a $450 return for a $30 investment after 90 days, wouldn't that be better than potentially no return from a $160+ investment (16 x $10 ad packs at 3% daily) over the same period?  

And if you ran both side by side and they both failed at the same time, wouldn't you prefer to lose only $30 and a bit of your time as opposed to $160 of your hard earned money?

The easy money route exits which ever path you take, but one just takes more effort whereas the other takes more money and carries a greater risk.  Everyone has the capacity to refer.  Internet marketing is a numbers game, whether you play HYIP or work MLM

Distributing your links as far and wide as you can, will eventually yield results.  Only the results with something like iLA are much greater for much less initial outlay.  And.. as ever, I do what I can you help my referrals to earn money.

In this case, I have created a splash page which rotates all my team members official iLA associate URLs.  It will distribute visitors and free referrals to members of my team. 

I'm essentially giving away free signups that will result in monthly residual commissions, monthly matching bonuses and weekly fast start bonuses for the people they sign up under.

If the chance of receiving FREE referrals in a program that can pay you up to $2,511+ monthly for a tiny $9.95 monthly subscription appeals to you, sign up under one of my team members at the following URL...

As soon as you're in and upgraded, check your iLA referral URL and then forward it to me with your sponsor's username so I can add you into the rotator.

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